Monday, June 13, 2011

Tiny Hands Hand Lotion

I'm surprised at how much I like this product.  I'm sorry, but wrapping my mind around a solid hand lotion is just as hard as wrapping my mind around solid perfume.  I have a hard time believing that it is working as well.  However, this proved me wrong.  A tiny rub in your hands and a deep massage into your hands, leaves them nicely moisturized.  Thank you to the Aragan oil in this bar.  It isn't too oily if you treat it carefully.  Too much will leave you a little heavy.  The scent is very zesty for a vanilla scent and grows on you!  I have times where I crave the scent. 

It is a little finicky in the usage department.  It's not possible to tote this around in your purse as easily as a tube of Jerkins.  It is nice to use before bed though.  Keep it in your nightstand and apply nightly for hands softer than your mommas! 

Check it out!

Ambrosia Shaving Cream

Yummerz.  I love this stuff.  When I was given the sample, the SA told me that she could dry-shave her legs with it.  Thinking about that made me get razor burn.  However, I "swatched" an area of my leg and bravely razored away my prickles and was pleasantly shocked and IN LOVE.  Not a bump or trace of the dreaded burn.  I do have to say though, that a little goes a long way but it sure doesn't feel like its covering my legs with any type of protection.  It's a real mind game. 

I gave this to Brian to try (if you haven't read/seen, he's my finace), and he didn't care for it on his face.  He said it "did nothing" for him.  I'm not quite sure what that means, but I'm sure in man-talk that means it isn't what he's used to therefore, is no good.  Hey, I'm the same way on a lot of things! 

Try it out!  If I can dry-shave my 50% Italian leg hair (lol!) and not get razor burn, it must be amazing!

Geo Phyzz

HATE HATE HATE THIS BOMB!  What the heck?!?  It's just a glorified ball of salt.  Boooooooo.

Seriously though, it fizzes out into salt pebbles that sit in the bottom of the tub scratching holes into your legs.  There are also little pieces of doodoo that float with it.  This bomb is so plunks straight to the bottom of the tub like a dead bath bomb.  waa waa waaaaaaa.......

The scent is bleh too, like a dying Christmas tree.  A painful Christmas tree that burns every knick, scratch and scrape on your body.

Two huge thumbs down on this one. 

Check it out warned though.....epsom salt is cheaper and better lol:

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Running to the Embassy Body Butter

This is LUSH's version of a pumice stone.  It's body butter meant for your feet.  It is supposed to de-yuckify and moisturize your cracked and nasty footsies.  It has spearmint and peppermint in it to cool your tired feet.  Combined with ground pumice, it is sure to provide your feet with a refreshing blast of minty softness.

The mint is cooling and refreshing in the shower while you scrub around your heels and all around your feet.  Also, it isn't too rough so it won't hurt!  It does a phenominal job of moisturizing and healing cracks.  The only con I have for this product is, it didn't last nearly as long as a bar this expensive should.  I maybe got 10 uses out of it.  A normal pumice stone is much more cost-effective. 

Check it out on LUSH's site:
Running to the Embassy

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunny Side Bubble Bar

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this bubble bar.  It was only my second dance with that type of product and I was romanced into a lifetime love affair with this sparkly ball of yummy.

I didn't look up this product before I used it.  To be honest, I wasn't too sold on the scent outside of the bath.  I think it might have scared me into thinking it was a watered-down Karma *insert horror music here*.  I was proven wrong though the moment I began to crumble 1/2 of this bar into my water.  The scent was intoxicating.  It was citrus-y and bright.  This bar made bubbles that outlasted the heat of my water!  With most other bubble products, including the Dorothy bubble bar, the bubbles popped out and left me *gasp* naked!  The water was a luminescent, swirly gold dream world and left my skin dusted with glitter after my bath.  My skin was softened and scented like a citrus garden. 

The great thing about this product, is that 1/2 of the bar was more than enough to give me an over-the-top bath experience.  I decided to cut the remaining 1/2 into two chunks which I'm positive will be great baths.  Such a great deal!

So yourself a favor, meet the love of your life on LUSH's site:

Friday, May 27, 2011

Post Weirdness

If you've noticed, some of my older reveiws are popping up under my newer posts.  I have no clue how this is happening or why.  If you've seen the post before, just disregard :)

Sorry for the confusion!


Catastrophe Cosmetic Face Mask

I'm a smurf.  Well, I was a smurf after using this face mask.  My finance and I slathered this clay-like mud all over our mugs and let it set for about 10 minutes.  We both washed our faces off and after a while noticed that something was off.  We were both pale, vampire-faced smurfs!  We both washed our faces 3 times and acheived no success with removing the blue tint.  It wasn't until the next day, and a couple more washes that we were finally restored to our normal, peach skined selfs. 

This mask did NOTHING for me.  My skin was dull, lifeless and utterly blah.  I would not buy this product again, and if it was given to me, I'd have to give it away to someone else. 

It was very different from Oatifix.  It was more like a clay/mud that dried into flakes (which fell off annoying).  The scent was nice, but the product was blah. 

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Oatifix Face Mask

This sweet honey scented face mask would bring mummies back to life.  It drenches your skin in moisture leaving it glowy and youthful.  Keeping it in the fridge provides a cool blast of refreshing WOW upon application.  A short 5-10 minutes later just wash it off with warm water and pat your skin dry.

My skin is very sensitive.  It breaks out if I cleanse it with harsh products.  It also breaks out if I over-moisturize.  So, you can imagine my hesitation at trying this product.  I was schooled by this concoction of oats, bananas and honey.  Three uses later, my skin has yet to see a breakout and glows from being quenched. 

This is a great mask for wintertime dryness.  I can't see those of you with oily skin needing this in the summer months.  If you have always-dry skin this could be a staple for you!

Unfortunately, Lush doesn't list their Fresh Face Masks on their website.  You can find them however, in the Lush Times paper. 
Here is a link to the Lush US website where you can find all kinds of goodies:

Monday, May 23, 2011


Hello my loyal followers!  As many of you know from both here, and my YT channel, I was planning on doing a giveaway when I reached 20 followers here and 20 subscribers on YT.  Well, I've decided to change the rules a little bit.  Please view the video below, and follow the steps to enter the giveaway!  The lucky winner will be receiving a Hottie massage bar and Think Pink bath bomb!  Here are my reviews of these products:

Hottie massage bar review
Think Pink bath bomb review

Here are the formal rules:
1-You must be following my YT channel AND this blog. 
2-You must message me both here AND on YT with your name, email, screen names on both YT and blogspot and mailing address/info BY MAY 25TH 6AM PACIFIC STANDARD TIME USA.
3-Please tell me your favorite LUSH product and why
4-Please tell me your least favorite LUSH product and why
5-You must be at least 18 years of age or have the consent of your parent/legal guardian to participate.

Here is how I will pick the winner:
On June 1, 2011, I will have a drawing of ONE name, which I will do in a video to determine and announce the winner.  You will have one week to message me either here or on YT to claim your prize.  I will mail out your prize shortly after.  I will be sending it with a signature receipt and you WILL NEED to ensure proper pickup of this package.  It will be meltable! 

Good luck and happy LUSH-ing! 


Blackberry Bath Bomb

I never knew what blackberries smelled like.  If this is what they smell like, sign me up!  This bomb is beautiful.  It turns the bath water an absolutely unparalleled beauty-purple that is pigmented but still clear enough to see right through.  It fizzes out quickly but doesn't disappoint.  Deep inside, a small paper with "Boom Boom" on it hides, waiting to surprise you in the bottom of your tub. 

The scent is from a mix of bergamont, frankincense and berries.  Bergamont oils are supposed to lift you up and stop you from feeling blue or blah.  It worked for me.  I feel as cheerful as a baby! 

The only downside to this bomb is it left a purple film in my tub.  It was easy to clean, but I believe that is because I cleaned it right away.  Also, it's a tad pricey for a one time use at $6.25 USD.  My recommendation would be to split it in half if you don't mind damaging your "boom boom" paper. 

Enjoy one!  Check it out on LUSH's site:

Thursday, May 19, 2011

None of Your Beeswax Vegan Lip Balm

This lip blam was hard to get used to.  The texture is weird, a type of rough-vaseline.  The scent is....vegan, for lack of a better word.  It's a little citrus-y, but mostly just weird.  It has lemon, mandarin, vanilla, extra virgin coconut oil, murmuru butter and carnauba wax.   It doesn't soak into my lips and provide moisture that long.  Also, another thing I don't like about it is the tin.  I don't like to touch my mouth without freshly washed hands, so it's hard for me to use this product.  Basically, it is not a favorite of mine.  With all of the other lip balms being in tins, the formula would have to be stellar for me to get excited about it.  However, I'm going to keep with it and give them all a try.  I'm thinking that I just picked the wrong one for my first try. 

Check it out on LUSH's site:

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Joy of Jelly Shower Jelly

This product is A BLAST!  It is fascinating and satisfying.  The most mesmerizing LUSH product that I have tried to date. It smells like Sex Bomb bath bomb which is one of my absolute favorite bath bombs!  I believe that is the jasmine talking there.  It also has ylang, mush, lily and rose petals.  It looks like Jello and purple whipped cream....something evil.  I LOVE it!

It is a little hard to use.  Heaven forbid you drop a chunk of this goo onto the shower ground.  However, once you get the proper cupping action needed to smash it into your skin and rub at the same time, you are golden.  It is very moisturizing and so so smelly-good. I simple cannot wait to try the other shower jellies.

My favorite way to try this is when it has been in the fridge.  It adds a nice refreshing zing to a hot shower.  I have tried it as a shampoo, but found it to make my oily scalp, well.....oily.  Oh well, it smelled dang good.  I'm planning on trying this in a shower pouf instead of just on bare skin soon.  I just love the way the slimy goop feels!  

Please please please, do yourself a fun favor, check it out on LUSH's site and order some up!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Haul 4!

List of products:
Geo Phyzz bath bomb
Blackberry bath bomb
Sunny Side bubble bar
Running to the Embassy pumice stone
Catastrophe Cosmtic face mask
The Joy of Jelly shower jelly
None of Your Beeswax lip balm
Samples: Ambrosia shaving cream
Stick around and check out all of the reviews of these products!  Follow me for a chance to win my first giveaway.

T Tree Toner Tab

This is like the Green Tea perfume my mom bought me when I was 13.  I love this tab!  The scent was fresh and it make my sunburnt nose feel all better!  Warning....playing tennis in Phoenix, AZ at high noon warrants a double application of SPF!  This was a fresh tab of goodness and I highly reccomend it.  With all of the other toner tabs, it's not very showy or interesting.  Simply a nice detox for the skin. 

Check it out on LUSH's site here:

Vitamin C Toner Tab

Toner tab of the stars.  This is a pampering toner tab.  My skin felt calm and loved by the end of the vapor bath.  It also had a nice, soft scent that I didn't feel to shy about breathing in.  It didn't make my skin sticky or dull when I used it afterward in a spray bottle.  It was a nice little tab!

Check it out on LUSH's site:

Butterball Bath Bomb

I'm a dry piece of toast and I need some butter.  Enter.....Butterball!  This bath bomb is interesting.  When placed in the water, it fizzes out slowly and disperses tiny pieces of yellow "butter" which are little cocoa butter pieces.  I smashed a few of the pieces into my skin and they were very oily like butter and kept my skin super moisturized.  The scent outside and inside of the bath is subtle and almost non-existent.  However, I was so taken with the moisturizing level of this bomb that it didn't matter.  It kept my skin soft for a long time and wasn't too oily.  I highly recommend this bomb! 

Check it out on LUSH's site:

Monday, May 9, 2011

Sandstone Soap

Hello yummy!  I absolutely LOVE the scent of this soap.  It reminds me a lot of the Dorothy bubble bar.  However, the ingredients don't match up, so I'm not sure why.  The scent smells far better in the shower and on your skin afterward.  The bar on it's own isn't too drool worthy.  It is incredibly exfoliating.....almost too much.  The sand was a tad abrasive and hurt a little.  I wound up cupping it in my hands and switching off between bare skin and palm application.  It did leave my skin soft and glowing. 

I highly recommend this soap!  It is a not-too-fruity and not-too-sweet yummy bar.

Check it out and order yourself a piece of the beach!

Limited Edition Perfume Kit

Well, this was a HUGE disappointment and a HUGE pain for me.  It seemed like a great idea....get a sample of most of the Gorilla perfumes for only $20 USD!!!! 

Well....the first sample I decided to try was Vanillary.  I thought it was a nice wedding scent.  I was headed out to a wedding on a beautiful day.  Vanilla sounded good.

Well, it was too strong.  It was like a pound of vanilla following me around all day/night.  I didn't like it :(  It took a day or two to wear off. 

After some time away from the perfume, I decided to give another scent a try.  I read the names of the perfumes I had left to Brian (my fiance), and he picked my death.


We had the day off from work and I wanted to smell nice for our lunchtime date at Olive Garden. I put a couple dabs of this on my wrists.  Instantly I was revolted by the disgusting smell of HELL.  My wrists were huge red bumps!  I tried scrubbing my wrists until they were raw and dabbed the area with alcohol.  Every Cosmopolitan magazine article on how to take off perfume smells melted into my head.  I tried EVERYTHING.  The f***er wouldn't wear off!  I decided to try and ignore it.  As the day wore on and the baked ziti fell into my belly, I was getting more and more ill.  As we walked up the pathway to our apartment, I felt it coming......VOMIT.  I ran inside and puked my guts out.  Yes, I then spent the next 10 hours of my day off in bed, vomiting on and off.

What did I do to deserve this, KARMA? UGH!!! make matters worse, Karma broke inside of my perfume kit and leaked all over everything.  Brian had to double bag it and it was promptly returned. 

As you can guess, I won't be reviewing any of the rest of LUSH perfumes.  Even writing this, I am getting sick thinking about it.  If there are any perfumes that are given to me, I will review them but I won't be spending any of my own money on these.

If you like Karma, this set is for you.....if not, STAY AWAY.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Token to the Forest Gods Toner Tab

This toner tab is super zesty.  It is a "green citrus" as opposed to the "orange citrus" smells.  I usually classify my citrus scents into one of those two categories.  Orange is more of a wake up scent that is bright and sunny.  Green is more relaxed and low maintenance in the energy department. 

This toner tab is nice on the skin.  As with the other tab, I didn't notice a huge difference after the vapor sauna.  However, after a couple of days spraying the leftover water on my skin, it woke up my pores and left me brighter. 

On the site, it says that this tab is incredibly awakening, but for me it put me to bed nicely.  I was sound asleep and refreshed at the same time.

Head over to LUSH's site and check it out!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's Day Party at LUSH!

Product I got:  Tiny Hands hand lotion. 

I will review this product after I'm done reviewing all of my Haul 3 products, which will be VERY soon! 

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!  Stay tuned, hoping to have two more reviews up tomorrow.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Vitamin E Toner Tab

My blind draw out of my toner tab bag (containing all four toner tabs) had this little guy chosen as the guinea pig.  I must say, I was intimidated by this thing.  I remember the SA in my LUSH store asking me "are you SURE you know how to use that?".  Ummm.....yeah?????  Per the website:  I filled a heart shaped bowl with steaming hot water and dropped it in.  I covered my head with a towel and hung over the bowl while the orange scented vapor washed over my skin.  I have to admit, it was impossible not to come up for air a few times.  Breathing in straight vapor that is scented doesn't feel natural.  After the vapor had cooled a bit, I went to the mirror and...............nothing much.  But, I noticed that after a while, my skin appeared to be more even.  I saved the extra water in a spray bottle and kept it in my fridge for a couple days, spraying myself day and night.  Also, I sprayed it all over my body when I got home from work.  It's getting hot in Phoenix, so this feels AMAZING.  Overall, it's a fun little pick-me-up that isn't too fussy or expensive.  I plan on doing this again!

Check it out!

Demon in the Dark Soap

This is the perfect soap for any man in your life.  It is by far, the most masculine scent that I have encountered using LUSH products.  At the same time, it has enough priss to be suitable for a girl!  It looks like hell but smells like minty heaven.  It also has apple in it....go figure.  It looks like hell but smells like Eden.  Interesting.  Anyhow, the lather is nice and thick and the scent is muted.  It didn't do an incredible job at moisturizing my skin but left it feeling super clean and minty.  It was almost like a breath mint for my body.  Trust me, in Arizona when the summer comes...the body does need a breath mint. off and enjoy some heaven and hell and check it out on LUSH's site!
Demon in the Dark

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Banana Moon Soap

This is a banana explosion.  It is over-ripe bananas begging to be baked into sweet, hot banana bread.  It also looks just like a slice of yummy, fresh-baked banana bread.  Don't let the website photo fool person it is much more beautiful.  If I didn't know any better, it would be in my mouth.....not cool haha!  All this aside, the scent is a little strong.  It took me some getting used to but I love it now.  It also love it on my skin after I use it.  It mutes into a delicate veil of almost cherry-banana.  It doesn't lather that well but I'd attribute that to the different layers and textures in it.  The bottom lathered more, but the top was exfoliating.  It is a great all-in-one bar!  My skin is soft afterward and feels glowing.  You MUST get a piece of this calorie-free treat at your nearest bake store!
Check out Banana Moon on LUSH's site:

Alkmaar Soap

Welcome to tropical paradise.  Don't mind the fact that LUSH couldn't spell the name of their soap properly! LOL  This soap smells super tropical!  It reminds me of Banana Boat tanning oil on a hot summer day.  Blame it on the coconut oil.  This soap also has jasmine and honeysuckle.  I would say it is a coconut drink.  The scent overpowered me in the shower though, turning into a sickening sweet aroma.  The lather was nice but the soap dried out my skin.  I had to moisturize afterward!  I think this soap would be best for someone who doesn't have dry skin and loves the scent enough to love it more when magnified in the shower.  One of my favorite things about it though is the pure, white color.  Simple and elegant. 
Schedule your next vacation on LUSH's site:

Monday, May 2, 2011

Red Rooster Soap

The scent of this soap reminds me of every cinnamon candy I've ever tasted.  It is a burst of cinnamon that wakes you up and satisfies your sweet tooth all at the same time.  It is supposed to be a mix of orange and cinnamon but I didn't catch the orange in it :(  I didn't much care for the soap in general.  My skin didn't react badly or favorably to it.  Also, the scent wore off with drying off.  The lather was sub-par.  I would love to have this scent in a bath bomb or a body spray.  The scent is so much fun! 

Check it out on LUSH's site:

Friday, April 29, 2011

Fever Massage Bar

This massage bar was neither here nor there for me.  My fiance and I didn't enjoy it that much.  It has rose, jasmine and sandlewood in it.  Well, I am positive that the reason it wasn't a hit with me is the sandlewood.  I am learning more and more that the "hippy" scents aren't my thing.  The bar itself is aestetically pleasing and promises a good time.  The oils are nice and comparable to my all-time FAVE massage bar, Hottie.  It is an easy bar to use on others and is nice to have used on you.  It didn't break out my skin and didn't overly oil my shirt or sheets.  If you enjoy the scent, I would highly recommend trying to get your hands on one.  Right now, they are on the Fond Farewells section and sold out on LUSH's website.  If your local store has one, swipe it up! 

Check it out on Lush's website:

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Haul 3

List of products:

Butterball bath bomb
Fever massage bar
Vitamin E toner tab
Viatmin C toner tab
Tea Tree Toner Tab toner tab
Token to the Forest Gods toner tab
Limted Edition Perfume Kit
Sandstone soap
Demon In the Dark soap
Banana Moon soap
Alkmaar soap
Red Rooster soap

disclaimer: this video has not been sponsored. I am not affiliated with Lush

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Haul 2 Review!

Well, Haul 2 is now completed!  Here is my summery video review.  I will be posting Haul 3 tommorrow and the reviews will being tomorrow as well so check back often!  Thank you all for reading/viewing!

Mrs Whippy Bath Bomb

Well, I have to say, the only thing that I didn't like about this bomb was the scent.  I wish that it had Think Pink's scent in place of the buchu oil scent.  My fiance hated the scent so much that he asked me to shower it off.  We can't be having that!  It is supposed to be a strawberry ice cream scent.  It has an ice cream vibe, but the strawberry part might be too buchu and not enough strawberry.  I wish it were more of a strawberry milk powder milk scent.  Something like childhood and summer nights. 

Outside of the scent, it is a beautiful bomb.  It looks just like a cupcake topped with hot pink sprinkles.  It is like dessert and perfect for a nighttime bath.  It will put you in a playful, Marie Antoinette mood.  It made my water a milky pink color which stayed milky through the entire bath, instead of clearing up like most milky bombs.  My skin was impossibly soft and calmed.  This is a result of the Soya Milk powder  I pray that LUSH will release a Think Pink bomb in a "whippy" edition.  That would make my life!

Check it out on LUSH's site:
Mrs Whippy

Also, stay tuned for the Haul 2 review video and the new Haul 3 video and reviews coming VERY SOON!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Twilight Bath Bomb

We have an addition to the top favorite beauty products.  This bomb has carved its way to the top and sits pretty in my number one position on my LUSH Loved List.  The scent is intoxicating and forces you to relax (really lol).  It promises the most relaxing evening with it's calming color and beautiful solar detail on top.  When dropped into the water, it begins frothing up and turning the water a bubblegum pink color.  The scent is magnified instantly.  When the core opens up, it is a beautiful surprise of baby blue which paired with the pink, turns the water into a beautiful creamy lavender.

It fizzes out slowly and the scent lingers delicately in the air.  It made my skin super soft and made me smell like heaven. 

You have simply GOT to try this!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Greetings From........ Gift Set

This flowery, earthy gift set is a ton of fun!  The paper and string remind me of hippies and art studios on a fall day.  It is also a steal for a cheap gift that everyone will love.  If you are down to it, and haven't gotten a gift for any event, this would be the perfect touch.  Also, buy one and keep it around for emergencies.......or if you can't contain yourself, treat yourself to a gift "just because".  It is only $19.95 USD and you get three unique and fun products.  You get a hunk of Honey I Washed the Kids soap, Sugar Scrub sugar scrub and a Vanilla Fountain bath bomb.

The gift set might have been packaged in too small of a box, because my Vanilla Fountain bath bomb was damaged.  Luckily, it wasn't beyond repair.  The best product in this set is BY FAR, the Honey I Washed the Kids soap.  It is one of my favorite products and makes this gift set what it is.  The only thing that disappointed me about that was the actual aesthetic of the hunk of soap.  In the store and online, it has a beautiful honeycomb top and my chunk had no sign of honeycomb.  I felt that having that little touch on a sample hunk of this soap in a gift set would certainly entice the receiver to head into a LUSH store and shop around more.  Assuming they hadn't heard of LUSH before (WHAT?!?!?!).  The tag on the gift set also shows the honeycomb top, so the receiver might be confused and think that they got the wrong thing or the unlucky dud set (I guess that's me? LOL).

You can read my reviews of all of the separate products here:

Check out the gift set here:

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Vanilla Fountain Bath Bomb

Wha wha whaaaaaaaaaaaa.  I'm sad :(  I was disappointed by Vanilla Fountain.  As with all of the other products I am beyond excited about, it seems to fall very short of what I expected.  I've decided, it might be best to refrain from placing expectations on poor, innocent bath bombs.  So....I will do my best to review in a way that explains why I was less than pleased.

To start, this bomb is a simple, beautiful creation.  On LUSH's website, the description says it is inspired by fancy desserts.  That is very accurate!  It is adorned with a simple statement piece.....a tonka/vanilla sprig.  LOVELY.  The scent isn't pure vanilla, it's vanilla and tonka.  A sweet mixture of pure simplicity with complex candy-like sugar.  It promises to be moisturizing and a scent explosion.  It has to be the whole package.

Well, I received mine in the Greetings From......... gift set.  It goes well with the vibe of the set.  However, mine was damaged :(  The sprig was loose and the top and side were cracked.  Whaa!!!!  Oh well, I'll shove the sprig back in, and call it a bath.  When I dropped it in the water, it fizzed out very quickly and the sprig looked pathetic hitting the bottom like an anchor then lying dead in the water.  I fished it out and frowned, but got in to enjoy my bath.  I wasn't taken by the aroma, it was nice, but too subtle.  I think I could smell my Fresh Farmacy facial cleanser next to the sink more.  The water was a weird, lime color.  I was perplexed.  Shouldn't it be a milky, yellow color?  Shouldn't it be softening my skin or filling my sinuses with vanilla goodness? My skin wasn't any more soft or scented than before.  Maybe I got a dud?

I think the problems here were my high expectations and imaginations of this bomb.  I'm not going to blame it.  I plan on purchasing a non-gift version and giving it another shot. 

Did any of you have a different experience with Vanilla Fountain?  Please comment and let me know. 

Check it out on LUSH's site:

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Strawberry Picnic Gift Set

This gift set is adorable.  The strawberry paper and green, grass-like string are fresh and summery.  It is also a great deal, just $29.95 USD, you get four products.  You get a Grass shower gel, Sugar Babe sugar scrub, Summer Pudding soap and Strawberry Feels Forever massage bar.   

The best product, in my opinion, in this set is the summer pudding soap.  All of these products work very well together though, to bring you the best of a summery picnic on a beautiful day.  I would say that it is a great gift to give a friend or family member.  It has enough range of LUSH products and enough scents to pique interest in LUSH and perhaps make another lifetime customer.  The only thing I wish were different is that the massage bar was just a tad bigger.  I'm not a huge fan of the Strawberry Feels Forever massage bar, but it might be nice to have a bigger sample to intice a person to invest in a standard size.

Check out all of my seperate reviews on the products inside this gift set here:

Check it out here:

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tisty Tosty Bath Bomb

This bomb is passionate.  The scent is intoxicating.  Let me tell you, it does the trick.  It is beautiful and romantic.  It will buy you seven dried pink rosebuds and draw you a bath.  I would marry it.  This bomb smells like pure rose and powder.  Which is explained in that it contains rose absolute and orris root powder.  Simply put....this is vintage romance in a heart shaped bath bomb.  When dropped in the water, it fizzes out very quickly, depositing seven beautiful rosebuds into the water.

Seven roses represent starting positively to end positivley.  It is said that Cleopatra would seduce Anothony with the rose from this bomb.  Now I truly understand her powers.  I'm sure she had a steady supply of this Tisty Tosty.

Let this must -have bath bomb seduce you:
Tisty Tosty

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sugar Babe Sugar Scrub

This scrub reminds me of Shirley Temples on a hot summer night.  Although, its notes are ylang flower and mimosa blossom.  Not the lime and cherry concoction I thought it should be.  It is a very calming scrub with the coconut oil and beeswax.  I very different vibe than its in-your-face energizing cousin Sugar Scrub sugar scrub. I followed the online instructions this time and avoided being wounded by the rough texture.  For the most part, the scrub remained intact the next day too!  I loved how frothy and gentle the scrub was and how it scented my skin an oh so sweet scent for hours afterward.  Bonus - the middle of the bomb is a pretty pinkish red and is soft and sweet.  Check it out:

This scrub is the cherry lemonade to the Strawberry Picnic gift set and will keep you refreshed and smelling yummy.  Head over to the LUSH website and check it out:

Monday, April 18, 2011

Strawberry Feels Forever Massage Bar

This is without a doubt the most adorable massage bar that LUSH has to offer.  It is a sweet, girly and flirty pink color with strawberry-red flecks.  It is shaped like a strawberry and smells like a strawberry milkshake.  That is what drew my into this bar.  It is a 1950's soda shop, poodle skirt wearing cutie.  Inside of the Strawberry Picnic gift set it is a VERY welcome product.  It is perfect for this set, and might even be the biggest selling point for it.

The scent always remained amazing to me.  I wasn't too impressed with the actual bar though, much to my broken hearted dismay.  The oils were slick and shiny but not too friction friendly.  They wore off quickly, leaving just a sheen in their wake.  My skin wasn't particularly moisturized and I had a moderate breakout because of it.  Whaaa!!  I've decided that I am going to use this as a foot and hand moisturizer before showers.  It is too oily for my other areas.  It is just a hard massage bar to use and kinda treats you wrong. 

If you have skin that isn't sensitive, try this one out.  The scent is a must-try!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Summer Pudding Soap

This soap came in my Strawberry Picnic gift set.  It is a true slice of summery goodness.  It smells a little like bubblegum outside of the shower and nutty bubblegum inside.  It lathered nicely and the almonds in the bar exfoliated without ripping my skin to shreds.  It made my skin very soft and scented sweet like cherries.  It has lasted a long time.  My gift set sized bar is still kickin and has a lot left to give. When I snapped the photo above, I missed out on showing you all the pink cherry scented chunk (the big bars have acutal cherries....this one didn't):

This is the bar after one shower.  Notice the rough almondy texture.  This came out after one shower.

The thing I love about this bar in the store is how hearty and pretty it is.  It has true showmanship and that is what I love in the LUSH soaps.

Check it out on the LUSH website!
Summer Pudding

Haul 2 Resume!

Well everyone, this is just a quick post to remind you all that Haul 2 reviews are officially under way again!  Haul 2 should be done soon, then on to Haul 3 (super excited about that!).

Hope you are all having fun!  Comment any feedback :)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Haul 1 and Easter Products Review

Hey everyone!!
I decided to do a review on Haul 1 and the Easter LUSH products.  I'm showing off my favorite products from the hauls AND.....Donkey Oaty makes an appearace.  Also, enjoy learning about my odd fascination with dinosaurs.
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Happy Easter Gift Set

For any LUSH or bath and beauty lover, this is the ULTIMATE in Easter gift giving.  It has everything you need to have Easter in your bath.  The Candy Fluff Egg half bath bomb is the epitome of the candy in the basket.  It smells like a candy store and as sweet as a towering clump of pink cotton candy.  Candy Fluff pairs up with Avobath, the grass in the basket.  It is a lemongrass bomb that will wake you up after you crash from eating too much sugar.  It spreads glitter into your tub.  Be honest.....Easter is nothing without glitter!  Then, inside is a baby Easter chick.  The Hippy Chick bath bomb.  A grapefruit scented haven for your body.  This egg births a seriously scentalicious baby chick.  Not to mention you have a BEAUTIFUL knot wrap at the end.  An ORANGE wrap by the way (the best).

One of these, in an Easter basket surrounded by a Donkey Oaty bath bomb and Bunny Knot wrap (maybe some Reeses Eggs.....those are king) = the best Easter basket EVER.

Check it out!

Bunny Knot Wrap

This is the most adorable knot wrap!  I can just envision my perfect Easter, finding all the different bath bomb delights hidden around my apartment.  Each wrapped with one of these bunnies!  It is easy to wrap and instantly turns any bath bomb into an Easter gift.  An affordable one at that!  My fave idea: wrap a Think Pink or Keep it Fluffy (orange or purple) in this and give to all of your friends!!

Check it out on LUSH's site: