Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hottie Massage Bar

This massage bar is gold!  The scent is very hippy.  It's earthy and unisex....subtle and encompassing.  The bar warms easily with body tempurature and friction but doesn't disentigrate into nothing.  The bumps on the top feel like a massage ball roller and prep you for the relaxation to come.  After you are done the oils warm up on your skin and melt away the tension.  Trading massages has never been so sensual and fun.  After a week of use, this has yet to break my sensitive skin out.  I can't believe it!  I'm positive that all skin types will tollerate this well.  Also, this product can be used as an after-shower moisturizer.  Be sure to let the oils soak in before getting dressed though! 

The only downside is its shape.  How am I to cram this into an oval masage bar tin?  NO!  I refuse to put a con to this product.  I must have a rectangular massage bar tin.  Get on that, Lush!  :-p

I cannot tell you how highly I recommend this product.  Run to your nearest Lush and swipe them up for everyone you know.  This, as well as the Think Pink bath bomb is on my must-have pamper item list.

Here is the link to pricing and product information on Lush's US website:

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