Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dorothy Bubble Bar

Meet my nostalgic playground.  This has earned its spot on my must-have list by sending me back to 4th grade.  It's scent is what did it....I can't describe it at all.  However, it reminds me of this toy I had where you poured a silicone goo into molds and could make your own silicone dolls.  When the dolls came out....they were this bubble bar.  Weird, I know, but I love love LOVE it!  The bar has orange blossom in it (my FAVE) so maybe that, coupled with the ylang made my 4th grade experience.

This was my first bubble bar so, I was a little "blonde" with how to use it best.  I know, water + tub + bubble bar does not = rocket science.  I did discover though, it is best to start the water crumbling process before the water has reached optimal height.

The water turned a pretty light blue and the bubbles were thick but not overwhelming.  Inside of the bath my skin was suuuuuuuper soft and outside of the bath my skin kept the softness.  I did feel a tad sticky after my bath but it wore off quickly. 

I can definately say that I will be buying this again and again!  Head over to Lush's website and check it out!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sugar Scrub Sugar Scrub

Well, what would a little beauty adventure be without a little trial, wound and error? 

I got this in the Greetings From... gift set.  It is the perfect addition to the set.  I have to admit, I'm not a huge fan of the smell of freshly cut grass.  Maybe because I can sometimes be allergic depending on my skins mood (I'm dramatic, okay?).  The scent of this scrub is purely bag of grass.  However, I enjoyed it enough to be super excited to try it out.  This might explain why what happened, happened.  Here is my story:

The instructions on the package of the scrub read as follows: "Get your body nice and wet, then smooth your sugar scrub all over (scrubbing harder on the rough parts) and rinse off.".  Keep in mind, I got this in a gift set.  Most people who receive it this way, will not be in a Lush store bathing in advice from gurus looking out for their arms' best interest.  Therefore, most folks will read the instructions and do as I did.....rub this devil on their wet, soft, exposed and vulnerable arm.  OH THE HORROR!!!!!!  I dragged across my arm and it left me with this nice, rashy, stinging, red.....wound.  On quick damage control, I did the natural thing (thought process of the masses?) and wet the entire ball of sugar scrub.  Apparently, also a no-no.  For when I put it on my counter post shower-of-pain, it melted into a puddle of green, grassy goo.  So......I have a small open letter to Lush.

Dear Lush (I love you, I love you),

Please include on this product, the step to break of a piece and wet lightly THEN SCRUB.  Also, threaten complete and total destruction upon wetting the product on the packaging.  Yes, I know, the website says not to wet it but let's face it.....who will read the website pre-shower? 

Your still-loving and somewhat wounded warrior,

Well, I scooped up my poor (wait, why do I feel sorry for this pain-inducing thing....better yet, why am I giving it a personality?), goo glob, plopped it into its dome and put it in time-out.  It dried back into shape and became usable again.  Here is what it looked like afterward:

So...............don't do as I did and listen to these "instructions". PFFFFF!  Tom-foolery.  Ask a friend, and come wearing your battle armor to use this product.  It made my skin soft and didn't leave it smelling too much like a golf tourney.  Check it out! :

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Angels on Bare Skin Cleanser

Simply put....this cleanser is a God-send.  Straight from heaven, after just a week I found my skin brighter, clearer, tighter and with smaller looking pores!  This is without a doubt my new favorite skin care product and I fully intent on making it a staple item in my beauty regimen.

My skin is tricky.  It's oily on my nose but dry around the nostrils.  It's dry on the tip of my chin but oily under my bottom lip.  My forehead is an oil field but cheeks are dry.  Combination to say the least.  This is just this month's skin.  Who knows what next month will hold?  So....for me to find a cleanser that I can use all over my face that doesn't upset the "balance" of my bipolar skin is pure miracle.  Please forgive my constant puns!

This cleanser smells so herbal it's almost like pot in a jar but remixed into something 100% legal.  You take just a pea sized amount and drop a few drops of warm water onto it.  Take your index finger and mush it up into a paste.  Wet your face and rub all over.  Wash off and PRESTO!  Just two days later, you can expect to see a difference.  It won't make your skin feel dry afterward like some of the harsher washes do and the herbal scent doesn't over-stay its welcome.

It has almonds which exfoliate (hello smaller looking pores!) and hold lavender and rose oil to tone (hello even skin).  The lavender is very soothing before bedtime and will leave you addicted to this cleanser.  If you haven't already become addicted to its miracle-working.

Do yourself a favor and head over to Lush's website to check out this miracle cleanser:
Angels on Bare Skin

Saturday, March 26, 2011

You've Been Mangoed Bath Melt

This was my first ever bath melt.  I decided I had to get it when I went to pick it up in the store and the sucker slipped right out of my hands!  I HAD to conquer it.  I couldn't really place the smell until later on when I was sitting the the water.  Like the Dragon's Egg bath bomb, it smelled like lemon Pledge.  The evil lemon Pledge from my childhood.  I'm excited to find a lemon scent that doesn't bring back memories of Saturdays forced to dust and vaccum my day away.  I might be bitter.....ok I'm damaged LOL  Now back to the product.  It melted very easily and was almost as interesting as a science experiment.  How oh, how and why does it stay solid yet refuse to stay solid in contact with anything above room tempurature?  Anyhow, I used only half in my small tub and it did the trick.  My skin was cloud-soft afterward.  Thankfully, even though the air held the smell of Pledge, my skin just smelled fresh and citrusy.  My finace used the other half the next night in an attempt to soothe his sore legs and said it made his skin soft and smelled very nice.  I'm excited to see what the other bath melts are like.  I'm thinking this not be my favorite one, but I did enjoy the way it made my skin feel.

By the way, I'm noticting that the products with lemongrass oil in them remind me of Pledge.  I'm curious to see if I can find one that doesn't!  For now, I've been Pledged

Head over the Lush's website and check it out!
You've Been Mangoed

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Honey I Washed The Kids Soap

The scent of this soap is intoxicating.  It smells sweet and simple, like honey.  With larger pieces, it has an adorable honeycomb top on it.  In the shower it lathers up a little less than normal soap.  I can only believe that this is because it has more natural ingredients (not all natural).  A little tip - try rubbing it between your hands then all over your skin to lather, instead of rubbing the bar on your skin.  I makes your skin feel very clean and undescribably soft.  I've never had softer skin.  This little sample chunk has lasted me 6 showers and I still have way more than half left!

Here is my negative, not of the soap but of it's presentation in the gift set I bought.  I got my piece of Honey I Washed the Kids in the Greetings From... wrapped gift set.  I had seen this soap on other hauls by TiffanyD and Elle Fowler and it was always so aesthetically pleasing!  It has this super cute honeycomb top on it.  However, the peice I got in my giftset was the plain, bottom part of this soap.  My only concern on this is for the folks who haven't seen this soap in all of it's glory, the effect will be lost.  For someone who isn't familiar with Lush soaps and this one in particular, they might not be inspired to buy it again.   Sure, the scent is appealing and it makes your skin soft but, other soaps do that as well.  It's the aethetic aspect of it that takes it over the top and will make the gift receiever want to come into the store to purchase more.  In my opinion, it would be best to include some honeycomb on the soap.  Now, I don't work for Lush so I have no clue the effort that goes into these boxes.  I just think it makes some sense.

Check out the Honey I Washed the Kids soap on Lush's website:
Honey I Washed the Kids

Here is the Greetings From... gift set I got:
Greetings From...

Easter Products!

Well, my most FAVORITE holiday is right around the corner....EASTER!  So, as you can imagine, I'm very excited to see what Lush has to offer for Easter products.  I've been doing some searching online at all of the past years Easter offerings and also saw a few upcoming products in the Lush Times. 

Lush Times shows the Easter products for 2011 (I wish it were just a preview....I want more more MORE).  There is Hippy Chick, a "zesty grapefruit" bath bomb, Fluffy egg, a "bath fluff", Donkey Oaty - The Easter Donkey, which is a "donkey shaped pinata to bring the summer sunshine in", Bunny Knot Wrap, which is a wrap for all of your messy bath bombs or even a scarf and Happy Easter, a giftset which includes a few different products (I hope I get this!).  You can check these out in the current edition of Lush Times (48) on page 3.

I'd love to see a bath bomb that smells like peeps or jelly beans and explodes carrot shaped confetti everywhere.  Maybe a bubble bar that makes the tub as fluffy as a bunny!  Maybe a hot cross bun bubble bar?  That's maybe too much.....BUT I LOVE EASTER!

If I can even get my hands on one of these soon I will be so happy.  Which products do you wish Lush would make for Easter?  What are your favorite holidays?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Haul 2 - 3/12/2011

List of products:
Twilight bath bomb
Tisty Tosty bath bomb
Mry Whippy bath bomb
Dorothy bubble bar
Each Peach massage bar
You've Been Mangoed bath melt
Strawberry Picnic gift set: Summer Pudding soap, Sugar Babe sugar scrub, Grass shower gel and Strawberry Feels Forever massage bar
Greetings set:  Vanilla Fountain bath bomb, Sugar Scrub sugar scrub and Honey I Washed the Kids soap
Samples: Rehab shampoo, American Cream conditioner, R&B hair treatment, Angels on Bare Skin facial cleanser and Fresh Farmacy facial cleanser.

Stick around and check out all of the reviews of these products!  Follow me for a chance to win my first giveaway.

Cynthia Sylvia Stout Shampoo

This is most definitely NOT something I will use again.  Not because it didn't do it's job (it was a very nice cleansing and volumizing shampoo), but because it smelled terrible! Off of my hair I was skeptical.  However, I slopped it onto my scalp and got to scrubbing.  Holy mother of earth and sun....I smelled like a seedy adult bookstore.  Now, I am the first girl who will admit to loving the smell of a good brew and the inevitable good times that follow it.  Not the case with this shampoo.  It is evil.  I would recommend only buying this if you love the smell out of the bottle.  It doesn't get any better, trust me.

You can find all of the info on this product on Lush's website.  Try responsibly.
Cynthia Sylvia Stout

Ickle Baby Bot Bath Bomb

This is definately a bomb for the kids!  It's shape and calming scent are just what Lush's website puts down.  Outside of the bath, this bomb has a neutral scent that wouldn't be off-putting to the kiddos.  When dropped in the water, it fizzes out quickly and keeps the shape of a robot almost all the way through.  Almost immediately the scent of lavender hits you hard.  It bitch slaps you into relaxation.  Even the most tightly wound kiddo wouldn't resist the calming effect.  The water turns a fun electric blue and the scent is subtle in the air around the tub.  It isn't particularly softening, but it is fun none-the-less.  I would highly recommend this for any parent with sugar-rushed kids who needs to bring on the bed time vibes.

Head over to Lush's website and check it out!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Keep it Fluffy (Orange) Bath Bomb

I'm loving how this bomb can be so simple yet satisfy me so much.  The scent is subtle both outside and inside the bath but sticks around.  It stayed on my skin long after and smelled of subtle vanilla.  When dropped in the water, a creamsicle colored foam comes out of the bomb.  It fizzes out slowly and turnes the water a light orange/yellow color.  It had probably been the slowest-fizzing bomb that I've tryed.  There was no "show" with this bomb but that way okay.  The scent and pretty color was enough for me.  It also made my skin super soft and left me feeling young and awake.  I'm liking this bomb for and affordable summer treat that is calorie free and relaxing!

Check out the Keep it Fluffy (Orange) bath bomb on Lush's website:
Keep it Fluffy (Orange)

What Products Should I Try Next?

Hey everyone!  Well, I have already filmed two more hauls since my first was posted.  I'm just waiting to review all of the products in the first haul before I post more.  In the meantime, which products would you like to see me try out?  I'm hoping that there are some new areas of Lush's products that you are all waiting to see reveiws on! 

I only have two more bath bombs and a shampoo to try before all of my reviews will be up and haul 2 will be posted!  Check back for new posts and give me some feedback.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Space Girl Bath Bomb

This is a bath bomb that I wouldn't shed a tear to see hit the "Fond Farewells" section of Lush's website.  The bomb itself is cute.  It's a pretty Marie Antoinette grey/blue planet covered in gorgeous copper sparkles.  The scent was a nice and subtle but didn't register the exact scent to my nose.  When I put it in the bath it fizzed out very quickly.  The only part of this bomb that I enjoyed more then "meh" was when it was fizzing it would shoot out magenta colored blasts.  The website says that it is supposed to crackle in the water but mine didn't do a thing!  Also, I expected it to be more sparkly but alas, only the surface sparkles floated in my water.  It dryed out my skin and didn't leave me smelling nice at all.  My bathroom didn't even take on a scent.  I'd have to say that this bomb won't be on my list of must-haves :(  It was......a bomb.

If you are interested in trying this bath bomb and hopefully having a better experience, check out the product information on Lush's website:
Space Girl

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sex Bomb Bath Bomb

This bath bomb is beautiful.  The purple and pink ball smells like heaven....which must smell like jasmine.  When dropped in the water it fizzes out quickly and leaves the rose on top floating around the tub.  I smooshed the rose into the skin on my elbows hoping it would soften them.  It felt like it might be moisturizing.  It turned the water a milky pink/purple color and filled the room with the sexy smell of jasmine.  I am addicted to the smell of this bomb.  It made my skin incredibly soft and left it smelling like jasmine well into the night.  I would recommend this bomb for before a date beacause the scent is pure heaven.  Please lord let one of my new Lush perfumes smell exactly like this!

Here is the link to product infomation on Lush's website:

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Big Blue Bath Bomb

I needed to get away tonight and the Big Blue bath bomb did the job.  The moment the bath bomb touched the water it was by far the most fizzy of all bath bombs that I have tried.  It fizzed out quickly and with that put tiny shreds of seaweed into the pretty blue-green water.  The scent both inside and outside of the bath was the same.  It's a sort of sweet-and salty mix of sea salt and lavender.  The smell is both comforting and alluring and stayed on my skin long after I got out of the bath.  My skin felt cleansed afterward.  I did experience the great salt rubbing that comes with a trip to the real beach.  Meaning, my thighs (yes, they touch) were a little irritated afterward.

Most of all, I loved how this bath bomb made me feel.  It really was like having my own personal ocean right at home.  I would recommend, if you have a shower curtain around your bath, to draw that closed and shut out the world.  This bomb also goes nicely with a side of the song "Porcelain" by Moby. 

Now to the biggest con I've had thus far with any Lush product: the debris!  I've read that you should put some of the bombs with "special effects" into a nylon before using them, but whats the fun in that?  I want to see it fizz and get the full effect.  This leaves me to clean out the mess in the tub afterward.  I know that I said in my first Haul that I wouldn't mind cleaning the tub.  Well, I LIED :-)  I will, however, keep using the bombs without nylon protection because the effect is worth the clean-up.

Here is the link to the Big Blue info on Lush's website:

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fizzbanger Bath Bomb

This bath bomb is a ton of fun.  It is by far, the yummiest smelling bath bomb that I have tried.  I starts off with a citrus scent that morphs its way into apple pie.  The scent is light and fun and fills the bathroom.  My fiance commented that it was a very nice scent.  When put into the water it starts out fizzing yellow.  With this, tiny little crackles invade the tub.  It's like you are drawing a big bath of Rice Krispies.  Check out the video about to hear it in action.  When the core of the bomb is exposed it send a wave of blue foam into the water which turns the water green.  It took a long time to fizz out which was nice.  It allowed for a longer show for my fiance and I.  In the end, the cutest suprise....a small sheet of paper with a "BANG" graphic on it floated out from the core.  Simply adorable!

This bath bomb wasn't particularly moisturizing for me but the scent has me hooked.  I would love to have this bomb made into conditioner, lotion, perfume....the works.  I would say that this is the best Independence Day experience you can get in a bath.  I would recommend it, so check it out on Lush's website:

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb

This is an amazingly fun bath bomb!  It looks exactly how I would imagine a dragon egg to look like.  When dropped in the water it fizzes out milky white and then the core is struck by hot water.....CRAZY!  The water is instantly filled with golden shimmer and tiny flecks of gold glitter.  I just HAD to pull it out of the water and snap a picture.  I've never seen anything like it.  It's almost like watching mercury roll around when you hold it in your hand (except, not harmful to your health LOL).  When you get into the water you are surrounded by shimmer and glitter.  I kept thinking about those sea cucumber, plastic, shimmery, liquid-filled things at the mall.  If you were to swim in one of those, this is what it would be like.  Almost like you are in a glittery womb.  Sick but cool :)

The only negative of this bomb, in my opinion is the scent.  Outside of the water it isn't particularly yummy.  An almost sickening smell of lemon.  I couldn't quite place my finger on the smell.....I had smelled it before.  When I got in the water, it hit me like a ton of bricks.  LEMON PLEDGE.  Now, I have to explain myself.  Growing up, my mom always bought the lemon Pledge.  I begged and begged for the vanilla but she tortured me (I love you, Mom) with the lemon.  Therefore, I could never grow to love that smell.  BUT...if you like super lemon-y scents, this is the aboslute best bet for a great bath bomb experience!

Here is the link to the Dragon's Egg bath bomb on the Lush website:

Video Update!

Quick note: I am not affiliated with Lush.  This giveaway is something that I will buy and give to you....because I want to share the amazing Lush prodcuts that I love.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Oatifix Face Mask

This sweet honey scented face mask would bring mummies back to life.  It drenches your skin in moisture leaving it glowy and youthful.  Keeping it in the fridge provides a cool blast of refreshing WOW upon application.  A short 5-10 minutes later just wash it off with warm water and pat your skin dry.

My skin is very sensitive.  It breaks out if I cleanse it with harsh products.  It also breaks out if I over-moisturize.  So, you can imagine my hesitation at trying this product.  I was schooled by this concoction of oats, bananas and honey.  Three uses later, my skin has yet to see a breakout and glows from being quenched. 

This is a great mask for wintertime dryness.  I can't see those of you with oily skin needing this in the summer months.  If you have always-dry skin this could be a staple for you!

Unfortunately, Lush doesn't list their Fresh Face Masks on their website.  You can find them however, in the Lush Times paper.  Or, just head to your nearest Lush store to see what they have.  While you are there, pick up the Think Pink bath bomb and Hottie massage bar.  Those are my personal favorites/must-haves.

Here is a link to the Lush US website where you can find all kinds of goodies:

Hottie Massage Bar

This massage bar is gold!  The scent is very hippy.  It's earthy and unisex....subtle and encompassing.  The bar warms easily with body tempurature and friction but doesn't disentigrate into nothing.  The bumps on the top feel like a massage ball roller and prep you for the relaxation to come.  After you are done the oils warm up on your skin and melt away the tension.  Trading massages has never been so sensual and fun.  After a week of use, this has yet to break my sensitive skin out.  I can't believe it!  I'm positive that all skin types will tollerate this well.  Also, this product can be used as an after-shower moisturizer.  Be sure to let the oils soak in before getting dressed though! 

The only downside is its shape.  How am I to cram this into an oval masage bar tin?  NO!  I refuse to put a con to this product.  I must have a rectangular massage bar tin.  Get on that, Lush!  :-p

I cannot tell you how highly I recommend this product.  Run to your nearest Lush and swipe them up for everyone you know.  This, as well as the Think Pink bath bomb is on my must-have pamper item list.

Here is the link to pricing and product information on Lush's US website:

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Waving Not Drowning Bath Bomb

*This photo isn't mine (I forgot to take one - sorry folks!  The photo is from

Waving Not Drowning is a silent stress killer.  It's soft color doesn't stress you out (yeah, just said it).  The scent of this small bomb is dripping with lavender.  When I dropped it into my bath water it fizzed out and left the water a very faint color of light blue/purple.  The de-stressing scent was heavy in the air but not suffocating.  My skin wasn't particularly soft or scented when I got out but it did the job....I was relaxed.  It's worth the $4.95 USD to welt away the deep stress.

Unfortunately, Lush's website shows Waving Not Drowning on its Fond Farewells section.  This section has products slated to dissapear from Lush's product line for the time being.  Today I saw a bunch in my Lush store at Scottsdale Fashion Square.  I'm sure if you hurry up, you can swipe a few up before they are gone (hopefully not forever). 

Here is the link to product info on the Lush website:

Think Pink Bath Bomb

The very first Lush product I tried was the Think Pink bath bomb.  What draws me into this bath bomb is its flirty pink color and adorable sugary flowers on the top.  I liked that it was the smaller size because this simple bath bomb is supposed to be petite but pack a punch.  I read that it was once a larger bath bomb, but I love this in a small version and couldn't imagine it any other way. I made sure to pick one with all orange flowers (orange is my absolute favorite color).  Although, you have your own pick, as they are all different color combinations.  It smells super sweet and girly while letting you know that it's here to make an impact.  It is absolute bliss sitting inside its yellow Lush bag.

When I dropped it into my bath water it exploded in a fizzy excitement while shooting hot pink color into my water.  The sugary flowers on top dropped to the bottom of the tub and dissolved when I touched them (bye, bye my friends).  It fizzed at a nice pace and at the end left my water with adorable heart confetti.  The confetti wasn't overwhelming and didn't harm my plumbing at all. 

The air in my bathroom smelled sweet and it flooded into my apartment.  Even my fiance commented on how nice it made the apartment smell and that it didn't overpower him.  When I got out my skin smelled sweet and fun.  Heck, I even felt sweet and fun! 

This bath bomb has 100% made it onto my list of must-have pamper items.

On their website Lush says that it has scents of both tonka and vanilla.  I could definately place vanilla in this bath bomb.  It is a very subtle no-muss, no-fuss girly scent.  Head over and check it out!  At only $3.95 USD this bath bomb is a steal and a very affordable slice of flirty pink goodness.

Here is the link to the Think Pink Bath Bomb:

Haul 1 - 3/6/2011

I apologize for the choppy beginning and ending, guys!  I am a newbie at editing and I talked WAY too much.  I also forgot to show you the samples I got, which I listed below.  I promise the videos will get better.

Here are the products that I got (in order of the video):
Oatifix face mask
Hottie massage bar
Waving Not Drowning bath bomb
Space Girl bath bomb
Ickle Baby Bot bath bomb
Think Pink bath bomb
Dragons Egg bath bomb
Fizzbanger bath bomb
Keep It Fluffy bath bomb
Sex Bomb bath bomb
Big Blue bath bomb
Sample: American Cream conditioner
Sample: Cynthia Sylvia Stout

Here is the Lush website where you can find info on all of these products.  Stay tuned for reviews!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Year In Lush

Hey guys! This blog is going to be about my Lush year!  Let me explain:

I have a goal.  This goal is to try ALL US Lush products in one year.  This means that from 3/6/2011 - 3/6/2012 I will be pampering myself non-stop with these amazing products. This is going to be a crazy and enjoyable year. 

I picked Lush products because they are so natural and fresh.  I have extremely sensitive and weird skin so I know that this is the way to go.
Wish me luck and stick around to watch me on my journey.  There will be product hauls, reviews and lots of pictures and video coverage.