Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sugar Scrub Sugar Scrub

Well, what would a little beauty adventure be without a little trial, wound and error? 

I got this in the Greetings From... gift set.  It is the perfect addition to the set.  I have to admit, I'm not a huge fan of the smell of freshly cut grass.  Maybe because I can sometimes be allergic depending on my skins mood (I'm dramatic, okay?).  The scent of this scrub is purely bag of grass.  However, I enjoyed it enough to be super excited to try it out.  This might explain why what happened, happened.  Here is my story:

The instructions on the package of the scrub read as follows: "Get your body nice and wet, then smooth your sugar scrub all over (scrubbing harder on the rough parts) and rinse off.".  Keep in mind, I got this in a gift set.  Most people who receive it this way, will not be in a Lush store bathing in advice from gurus looking out for their arms' best interest.  Therefore, most folks will read the instructions and do as I did.....rub this devil on their wet, soft, exposed and vulnerable arm.  OH THE HORROR!!!!!!  I dragged across my arm and it left me with this nice, rashy, stinging, red.....wound.  On quick damage control, I did the natural thing (thought process of the masses?) and wet the entire ball of sugar scrub.  Apparently, also a no-no.  For when I put it on my counter post shower-of-pain, it melted into a puddle of green, grassy goo.  So......I have a small open letter to Lush.

Dear Lush (I love you, I love you),

Please include on this product, the step to break of a piece and wet lightly THEN SCRUB.  Also, threaten complete and total destruction upon wetting the product on the packaging.  Yes, I know, the website says not to wet it but let's face it.....who will read the website pre-shower? 

Your still-loving and somewhat wounded warrior,

Well, I scooped up my poor (wait, why do I feel sorry for this pain-inducing thing....better yet, why am I giving it a personality?), goo glob, plopped it into its dome and put it in time-out.  It dried back into shape and became usable again.  Here is what it looked like afterward:

So...............don't do as I did and listen to these "instructions". PFFFFF!  Tom-foolery.  Ask a friend, and come wearing your battle armor to use this product.  It made my skin soft and didn't leave it smelling too much like a golf tourney.  Check it out! :

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