Monday, April 4, 2011

Grass Shower Gel

This had its place in the Strawberry Picnic gift set.  What would a picnic be without grass?  You want it?  You will get it here.

The scent is a freshly cut football field before a big game.  It's a spring day in the park with your love laying in the grass, soaking up the sun.  It is undeniably authentic.  When I use it in the shower, only a dime sized amount provides a dense sudsy foam which will work on my entire body.  It fills the air of the bathroom and surrounding areas with fresh-cut grass scent.  It also stays on your skin for a long time and wakes you up!  It didn't make my skin particularly soft but it did feel cleansed.  My fiance is loving this and uses it almost every day.  The bottle is almost gone! 

I love this as part of this gift set.  It is a fresh and fun product.  A must-have for anyone dying for a piece of nature.  Head over to Lush's website and check it out:

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