Friday, April 29, 2011

Fever Massage Bar

This massage bar was neither here nor there for me.  My fiance and I didn't enjoy it that much.  It has rose, jasmine and sandlewood in it.  Well, I am positive that the reason it wasn't a hit with me is the sandlewood.  I am learning more and more that the "hippy" scents aren't my thing.  The bar itself is aestetically pleasing and promises a good time.  The oils are nice and comparable to my all-time FAVE massage bar, Hottie.  It is an easy bar to use on others and is nice to have used on you.  It didn't break out my skin and didn't overly oil my shirt or sheets.  If you enjoy the scent, I would highly recommend trying to get your hands on one.  Right now, they are on the Fond Farewells section and sold out on LUSH's website.  If your local store has one, swipe it up! 

Check it out on Lush's website:

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Haul 3

List of products:

Butterball bath bomb
Fever massage bar
Vitamin E toner tab
Viatmin C toner tab
Tea Tree Toner Tab toner tab
Token to the Forest Gods toner tab
Limted Edition Perfume Kit
Sandstone soap
Demon In the Dark soap
Banana Moon soap
Alkmaar soap
Red Rooster soap

disclaimer: this video has not been sponsored. I am not affiliated with Lush

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Haul 2 Review!

Well, Haul 2 is now completed!  Here is my summery video review.  I will be posting Haul 3 tommorrow and the reviews will being tomorrow as well so check back often!  Thank you all for reading/viewing!

Mrs Whippy Bath Bomb

Well, I have to say, the only thing that I didn't like about this bomb was the scent.  I wish that it had Think Pink's scent in place of the buchu oil scent.  My fiance hated the scent so much that he asked me to shower it off.  We can't be having that!  It is supposed to be a strawberry ice cream scent.  It has an ice cream vibe, but the strawberry part might be too buchu and not enough strawberry.  I wish it were more of a strawberry milk powder milk scent.  Something like childhood and summer nights. 

Outside of the scent, it is a beautiful bomb.  It looks just like a cupcake topped with hot pink sprinkles.  It is like dessert and perfect for a nighttime bath.  It will put you in a playful, Marie Antoinette mood.  It made my water a milky pink color which stayed milky through the entire bath, instead of clearing up like most milky bombs.  My skin was impossibly soft and calmed.  This is a result of the Soya Milk powder  I pray that LUSH will release a Think Pink bomb in a "whippy" edition.  That would make my life!

Check it out on LUSH's site:
Mrs Whippy

Also, stay tuned for the Haul 2 review video and the new Haul 3 video and reviews coming VERY SOON!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Twilight Bath Bomb

We have an addition to the top favorite beauty products.  This bomb has carved its way to the top and sits pretty in my number one position on my LUSH Loved List.  The scent is intoxicating and forces you to relax (really lol).  It promises the most relaxing evening with it's calming color and beautiful solar detail on top.  When dropped into the water, it begins frothing up and turning the water a bubblegum pink color.  The scent is magnified instantly.  When the core opens up, it is a beautiful surprise of baby blue which paired with the pink, turns the water into a beautiful creamy lavender.

It fizzes out slowly and the scent lingers delicately in the air.  It made my skin super soft and made me smell like heaven. 

You have simply GOT to try this!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Greetings From........ Gift Set

This flowery, earthy gift set is a ton of fun!  The paper and string remind me of hippies and art studios on a fall day.  It is also a steal for a cheap gift that everyone will love.  If you are down to it, and haven't gotten a gift for any event, this would be the perfect touch.  Also, buy one and keep it around for emergencies.......or if you can't contain yourself, treat yourself to a gift "just because".  It is only $19.95 USD and you get three unique and fun products.  You get a hunk of Honey I Washed the Kids soap, Sugar Scrub sugar scrub and a Vanilla Fountain bath bomb.

The gift set might have been packaged in too small of a box, because my Vanilla Fountain bath bomb was damaged.  Luckily, it wasn't beyond repair.  The best product in this set is BY FAR, the Honey I Washed the Kids soap.  It is one of my favorite products and makes this gift set what it is.  The only thing that disappointed me about that was the actual aesthetic of the hunk of soap.  In the store and online, it has a beautiful honeycomb top and my chunk had no sign of honeycomb.  I felt that having that little touch on a sample hunk of this soap in a gift set would certainly entice the receiver to head into a LUSH store and shop around more.  Assuming they hadn't heard of LUSH before (WHAT?!?!?!).  The tag on the gift set also shows the honeycomb top, so the receiver might be confused and think that they got the wrong thing or the unlucky dud set (I guess that's me? LOL).

You can read my reviews of all of the separate products here:

Check out the gift set here:

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Vanilla Fountain Bath Bomb

Wha wha whaaaaaaaaaaaa.  I'm sad :(  I was disappointed by Vanilla Fountain.  As with all of the other products I am beyond excited about, it seems to fall very short of what I expected.  I've decided, it might be best to refrain from placing expectations on poor, innocent bath bombs.  So....I will do my best to review in a way that explains why I was less than pleased.

To start, this bomb is a simple, beautiful creation.  On LUSH's website, the description says it is inspired by fancy desserts.  That is very accurate!  It is adorned with a simple statement piece.....a tonka/vanilla sprig.  LOVELY.  The scent isn't pure vanilla, it's vanilla and tonka.  A sweet mixture of pure simplicity with complex candy-like sugar.  It promises to be moisturizing and a scent explosion.  It has to be the whole package.

Well, I received mine in the Greetings From......... gift set.  It goes well with the vibe of the set.  However, mine was damaged :(  The sprig was loose and the top and side were cracked.  Whaa!!!!  Oh well, I'll shove the sprig back in, and call it a bath.  When I dropped it in the water, it fizzed out very quickly and the sprig looked pathetic hitting the bottom like an anchor then lying dead in the water.  I fished it out and frowned, but got in to enjoy my bath.  I wasn't taken by the aroma, it was nice, but too subtle.  I think I could smell my Fresh Farmacy facial cleanser next to the sink more.  The water was a weird, lime color.  I was perplexed.  Shouldn't it be a milky, yellow color?  Shouldn't it be softening my skin or filling my sinuses with vanilla goodness? My skin wasn't any more soft or scented than before.  Maybe I got a dud?

I think the problems here were my high expectations and imaginations of this bomb.  I'm not going to blame it.  I plan on purchasing a non-gift version and giving it another shot. 

Did any of you have a different experience with Vanilla Fountain?  Please comment and let me know. 

Check it out on LUSH's site:

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Strawberry Picnic Gift Set

This gift set is adorable.  The strawberry paper and green, grass-like string are fresh and summery.  It is also a great deal, just $29.95 USD, you get four products.  You get a Grass shower gel, Sugar Babe sugar scrub, Summer Pudding soap and Strawberry Feels Forever massage bar.   

The best product, in my opinion, in this set is the summer pudding soap.  All of these products work very well together though, to bring you the best of a summery picnic on a beautiful day.  I would say that it is a great gift to give a friend or family member.  It has enough range of LUSH products and enough scents to pique interest in LUSH and perhaps make another lifetime customer.  The only thing I wish were different is that the massage bar was just a tad bigger.  I'm not a huge fan of the Strawberry Feels Forever massage bar, but it might be nice to have a bigger sample to intice a person to invest in a standard size.

Check out all of my seperate reviews on the products inside this gift set here:

Check it out here:

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tisty Tosty Bath Bomb

This bomb is passionate.  The scent is intoxicating.  Let me tell you, it does the trick.  It is beautiful and romantic.  It will buy you seven dried pink rosebuds and draw you a bath.  I would marry it.  This bomb smells like pure rose and powder.  Which is explained in that it contains rose absolute and orris root powder.  Simply put....this is vintage romance in a heart shaped bath bomb.  When dropped in the water, it fizzes out very quickly, depositing seven beautiful rosebuds into the water.

Seven roses represent starting positively to end positivley.  It is said that Cleopatra would seduce Anothony with the rose from this bomb.  Now I truly understand her powers.  I'm sure she had a steady supply of this Tisty Tosty.

Let this must -have bath bomb seduce you:
Tisty Tosty

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sugar Babe Sugar Scrub

This scrub reminds me of Shirley Temples on a hot summer night.  Although, its notes are ylang flower and mimosa blossom.  Not the lime and cherry concoction I thought it should be.  It is a very calming scrub with the coconut oil and beeswax.  I very different vibe than its in-your-face energizing cousin Sugar Scrub sugar scrub. I followed the online instructions this time and avoided being wounded by the rough texture.  For the most part, the scrub remained intact the next day too!  I loved how frothy and gentle the scrub was and how it scented my skin an oh so sweet scent for hours afterward.  Bonus - the middle of the bomb is a pretty pinkish red and is soft and sweet.  Check it out:

This scrub is the cherry lemonade to the Strawberry Picnic gift set and will keep you refreshed and smelling yummy.  Head over to the LUSH website and check it out:

Monday, April 18, 2011

Strawberry Feels Forever Massage Bar

This is without a doubt the most adorable massage bar that LUSH has to offer.  It is a sweet, girly and flirty pink color with strawberry-red flecks.  It is shaped like a strawberry and smells like a strawberry milkshake.  That is what drew my into this bar.  It is a 1950's soda shop, poodle skirt wearing cutie.  Inside of the Strawberry Picnic gift set it is a VERY welcome product.  It is perfect for this set, and might even be the biggest selling point for it.

The scent always remained amazing to me.  I wasn't too impressed with the actual bar though, much to my broken hearted dismay.  The oils were slick and shiny but not too friction friendly.  They wore off quickly, leaving just a sheen in their wake.  My skin wasn't particularly moisturized and I had a moderate breakout because of it.  Whaaa!!  I've decided that I am going to use this as a foot and hand moisturizer before showers.  It is too oily for my other areas.  It is just a hard massage bar to use and kinda treats you wrong. 

If you have skin that isn't sensitive, try this one out.  The scent is a must-try!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Summer Pudding Soap

This soap came in my Strawberry Picnic gift set.  It is a true slice of summery goodness.  It smells a little like bubblegum outside of the shower and nutty bubblegum inside.  It lathered nicely and the almonds in the bar exfoliated without ripping my skin to shreds.  It made my skin very soft and scented sweet like cherries.  It has lasted a long time.  My gift set sized bar is still kickin and has a lot left to give. When I snapped the photo above, I missed out on showing you all the pink cherry scented chunk (the big bars have acutal cherries....this one didn't):

This is the bar after one shower.  Notice the rough almondy texture.  This came out after one shower.

The thing I love about this bar in the store is how hearty and pretty it is.  It has true showmanship and that is what I love in the LUSH soaps.

Check it out on the LUSH website!
Summer Pudding

Haul 2 Resume!

Well everyone, this is just a quick post to remind you all that Haul 2 reviews are officially under way again!  Haul 2 should be done soon, then on to Haul 3 (super excited about that!).

Hope you are all having fun!  Comment any feedback :)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Haul 1 and Easter Products Review

Hey everyone!!
I decided to do a review on Haul 1 and the Easter LUSH products.  I'm showing off my favorite products from the hauls AND.....Donkey Oaty makes an appearace.  Also, enjoy learning about my odd fascination with dinosaurs.
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Happy Easter Gift Set

For any LUSH or bath and beauty lover, this is the ULTIMATE in Easter gift giving.  It has everything you need to have Easter in your bath.  The Candy Fluff Egg half bath bomb is the epitome of the candy in the basket.  It smells like a candy store and as sweet as a towering clump of pink cotton candy.  Candy Fluff pairs up with Avobath, the grass in the basket.  It is a lemongrass bomb that will wake you up after you crash from eating too much sugar.  It spreads glitter into your tub.  Be honest.....Easter is nothing without glitter!  Then, inside is a baby Easter chick.  The Hippy Chick bath bomb.  A grapefruit scented haven for your body.  This egg births a seriously scentalicious baby chick.  Not to mention you have a BEAUTIFUL knot wrap at the end.  An ORANGE wrap by the way (the best).

One of these, in an Easter basket surrounded by a Donkey Oaty bath bomb and Bunny Knot wrap (maybe some Reeses Eggs.....those are king) = the best Easter basket EVER.

Check it out!

Bunny Knot Wrap

This is the most adorable knot wrap!  I can just envision my perfect Easter, finding all the different bath bomb delights hidden around my apartment.  Each wrapped with one of these bunnies!  It is easy to wrap and instantly turns any bath bomb into an Easter gift.  An affordable one at that!  My fave idea: wrap a Think Pink or Keep it Fluffy (orange or purple) in this and give to all of your friends!!

Check it out on LUSH's site:

Friday, April 15, 2011

Avobath Bath Bomb

This is an egg half in my Happy Easter gift set.  It holds a Hippy Chick bath bomb along with a Candy Fluff egg half and sits waiting patiently for me to use it.  I chose to use this last the the set because it is a bomb that is part of LUSH's normal lineup.  It is perfect for this set.  It is the grass in the Easter basket. 

It smells fresh and grassy.  Hence, the lemongrass ingredients!  It was more dense then Candy Fluff (harder to break) but fizzed out quickly.  The scent was very strong while it fizzed but left quickly.  It didn't stick around on my skin, to my disappointment.  However, toward the end of my bath I noticed.....IT'S SPARKLY!!!  The water had a bijillion (yes, that's a word) sparkles in it that didn't cling to my skin but made that water fun.  My skin felt softer than usual, although not as soft as Candy Fluff.  I would definitely buy this bomb outside of Easter products.

Check out the normal bomb on LUSH's site:

Ultrabalm Body Balm

This product is the Vaseline of LUSH.  Without the nasty petroleum, its natural.  The ultimate oily goo that will fix just about anything.  The duct tape of the LUSH world.  Okay......I'm done with the comparisons.  It has jojoba oil, candelilla wax and rose wax.  A vegan balm for sure. 

I smeared this greasy goopy mystery slop into the corners of my nose where it is ALWAYS dry. more dryness.  I smeared it onto my rub marked feet (thank you, new sandals). POOF....rub marks subdued.  It was there to rescue my cuticles and evened out my fiances sun burnt forehead.  It makes no sense but needs to be asked no questions.  Also, it will last forever.  About 20 uses made no dent in this tiny trial size.  When I finally do need a full size, they will be like "What?? We never had a $2.00 off trial size campaign". 

Check out the full size on LUSH's site:

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Keep it Fluffy (Purple) Bath Bomb

We have another must-have!!!  This bomb is right up there with Think Pink bath bomb and Hottie massage bar in my heart.  I LOVE THIS BOMB! 

It is just as satisfying as its orange sibling, but in a very different way.  Much like the orange, it is VERY scentalicious.  The scent of lavender and vanilla floated in my apartment and stayed on my skin for around 6 hours after my bath.  When I dropped it into the water, it turned into a huge frothy ball almost immediately.  I was taken aback at how weird it looked but blown away by it at the same time.  It fizzed out very slowly and left the water a milky/light purple color.  While it was fizzing, I enjoyed watching the little blue flecks turn into bright fuchsia streaks which caused that beautiful purple hue.  I approve!  My skin felt like velvet for hours afterward and even had my fiance pleased.  I would highly recommend this for a nighttime bath with a side of Billie Holiday Pandora.

Head over to the LUSH website and order a few up!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My "To-do" List

Well, as you can see, I have a TON of products piled up here!  If any of you are wondering, I have 3 pending haul videos that I need to post both here and on YT.  I am trying to review all products before I move on the the next haul so, bare with me.  I have been bombing my bath, jelly-ing my showers and cleansing my face like a maniac to test all of these products. 

Keep following, and comment if you have any products you'd like to see me review! 

Hippy Chick Bath Bomb

This little babe is sandwiched between the Candy Fluff and Avobath bath bombs of the Happy Easter gift set.  It is a sweet little fellow!  The scent is gorgeous.  It's a delicate grapefruit bomb that looks as pure as it smells.  When the bomb hits the water it fizzes out quickly and releases the most true and accurate scent of pink grapefruit.  None of that terrible body spray crap you see at other bath and body shops.  This is the real thing.  I felt as if I was sitting inside a grapefruit half, just bathing it it's juices.  Perk - NOT STICKY! lol  The water stays its normal color but the scent makes up for the lack of showmanship.  When I got out of the bath I felt super cleansed, relaxed and balanced.  My skin was so soft, I must have spent a good 5 minutes rubbing my arms and proclaiming to Donkey "it's so soft!!".  He didn't respond. 

This is one of the original best-selling Cosmetics to Go products and I am not surprised that it was remixed and remade.  It is the most amazing and accurate fruity scented bath product that I have ever used.  On the website, it says that it may melt, which I'm not understanding.  So, try to pick it up at your local store if you can.  If you love yourself at all, you will pick up about 100 of these:

Monday, April 11, 2011

Candy Fluff Bath Bomb

This is one of the GIANT halves of egg that cradle a Hippy Chick Bath Bomb in the Happy Easter gift set.  It is the size of my hand.  A GREAT deal!  This bomb is phenominal.  The scent is hands-down the best part.  It is sweet and girly.  It smells just like cotton candy.  It's hot pink hue is flirty and just what it needs for the lovely scent it holds.  I smashed the egg down onto my counter and it broke off about a third of the egg in pieces (exactly what I wanted to happen!). 

You can really see the size of the bomb in the photo above.  Again, this is 1/3 of the egg in chunks in my hand.  There is so much bath here!  The pieces fizzed out quickly and left the air candy sweet and the water hot pink.  It made me get into a playful mood and left me wondering....why doesn't LUSH have this bomb year-round?  It didn't make my skin particularly soft when I dried off and the scent was lighter than I wished.  However, I still smelled lightly sweet for a couple hours afterward. 

I HIGHLY reccommend this as an Easter gift and an all around great product for yourself.  If the rest of the giftset delivers as much of a punch as this bomb did, the set will be my obsession. 

Check it out, by itself, on LUSH's website:

Donkey Oaty Bath Bomb

Donkey, Donkey Oaty is the tale of the Easter donkey!!!  OH MY LORD!  I have met my soul mate.  I am getting married to Donkey....wait, I AM married to donkey.  This bomb is AMAZING.  I can't say enough great things about it.  The scent outside of the bath, beautiful colors and adorable character promise a great time.  It would be an understatement to say that it delivered.  When you drop this into the bath it immediately explodes into the most fizzing, orange hurricane.  The scent hits you hard but lays you down soft.  The water is the most perfect hue of playful orange (the best color on earth).  Donkey treats you right!  When you leave your bath you will find yourself soft and smelling like heaven.  If you love the scent as much as I do, check out Charity Pot, LUSH's charitable body lotion.  Each cent (excluding tax) goes to charity, and will be your way to honor Donkey all year until he is back.  I plan on purchasing this in my next haul (this will be Haul 6.....I have a lot of posts!). 

Please get yourself one of these and everyone you love.  They will thank you!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Pinata Party at LUSH Scottsdale Fashion Square 4/9/2011

Well....this party was a BLAST!  The store was packed with customers and all of my fave lush team.  We arrived early so I did my shopping and hung around talking about what we thought it would be like!  When it was finally time, everyone in the store gathered around the pinata.  They gave the stick to a few different kids.  One of the employees got hit!  It was okay though, the little girl wasn't too hefty.  There was a little boy though with a WICKED swing who almost took the store down.  When the pinata finally burst open, samples of soap, bath bombs and lip balm hit the ground.  The kids rushed it all and I didn't get something.  They provided everyone with samples though.  It was good times!  At the end of it all, I was given the pinata!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The most smiley, sweet and amazing girl gave it to me and I died of happiness.  Words can't describe how much fun I had embarrasing my finace by carrying the pinata out through Scottsdale Fashion Square!  Here are the pics and videos.  Also, a video review of the party. 

Samples from the party (I have no idea what kind of soaps they are, so if you do, please comment!):

Oaty and me:

Oaty pre and post surgery:


Here is my video review of the party!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Golden Slumbers Bath Bomb

This is not an Easter product, but one of the three non-Easter items I got in my Easter haul, so it will be reviewed now!  I decided to use this bomb after a long day in the car (11 hours of driving to and from California in a day!) to induce some heavy sleep.  The name said it all!  The scent reminds me of Fizzbanger....not sure why as the ingredients aren't related.  This bomb is lavender oil based where Fizzbanger was cinnamon oil.  However, they smelled similar out of the tub.  When I dropped it in is where it departed from Fizzbanger and became a lavender explosion.  The minute it started to fizz away it smelled strongly of the sleep-inducing lavender.  Also, tons of lavender springs came out of the bomb which gave it a nice showy effect.  I took issue with the fact that they looked like bugs and found myself picking them out for more peace of mind. 

The golden shimmer on the bomb was nowhere to be found in the water which was a disappointment, but in hindsight is only necessary to make the bomb live up to its cute name.  My skin wasn't particularly soft and my body wasn't super relaxed but I was out like a light in 2 minutes flat upon arrival at my bed.  I'm not sure this is a favorite, but it serves its purpose and for that, I am grateful. 

Head over to Lush's site and check it out:

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Easter Haul 2011

Here are the products that I got (in order of the video):
Ultrabalm $2 trial size
Keep it Fluffy (Purple) bath bomb
Golden Slumbers bath bomb
Happy Easter gift set: Candy Fluff bath bomb, Hippy Chick bath bomb, Avobath bath bomb
Donkey Oaty bath bomb
Bunny knot wrap
Here is the Lush website where you can find info on all of these products.  Stay tuned for reviews!

Fresh Farmacy Facial Cleanser

Once I finally wrapped my finger around what this product was (was given an unmarked sample), I was THRILLED!  I have heard great things about this cleanser from a few people with similar skin so I knew this would be an exciting try.  I love this!  It lathers very quickly and washed off of my skin very well.  The scent it fresh like bar soap and neutral for use every day.  Just like Angels on Bare Skin, it didn't break me out and it left my skin looking glowy and clean after just a couple uses.  It's also a good deal...this small sample has lasted a very long time!  I didn't need moisurizer after using this which makes me one happy girl!  I hate fussy routines and so have something clean, yet not strip away all of the moisture, makes me happy. 

Now, I'm trying to somehow decide between this and Angels on Bare Skin, which cleanser I like more.  I CAN'T!  I'm glad a have others to try....hoping that will make my desicion easier.  So far, the only differences are ease of use, which Fresh Farmacy far outdoes Angels and scent, which.....Angels is my fave there. hahaha!

Check it out on Lush's website and do yourself a favor....order some up!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Grass Shower Gel

This had its place in the Strawberry Picnic gift set.  What would a picnic be without grass?  You want it?  You will get it here.

The scent is a freshly cut football field before a big game.  It's a spring day in the park with your love laying in the grass, soaking up the sun.  It is undeniably authentic.  When I use it in the shower, only a dime sized amount provides a dense sudsy foam which will work on my entire body.  It fills the air of the bathroom and surrounding areas with fresh-cut grass scent.  It also stays on your skin for a long time and wakes you up!  It didn't make my skin particularly soft but it did feel cleansed.  My fiance is loving this and uses it almost every day.  The bottle is almost gone! 

I love this as part of this gift set.  It is a fresh and fun product.  A must-have for anyone dying for a piece of nature.  Head over to Lush's website and check it out:

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Each Peach Massage Bar

This massage bar has pros and cons.  It has a nice fruity scent (it reminded me of Fruit Loops) and a beautiful "carving" of flowers on it.  The scent is very awakening and young.  This bar melts very easily and it doesn't take very much of it to cover the skin of the lucky person to receive a massage.  I would recommend letting this fully soak in or taking a shower to wash of the extra oils before getting dressed or getting in your bed sheets.  I found that after a while and body heat, the scent was a little overpowering and the room changed into a too-strong, fruity smelling gas chamber.  Also, my breakout prone skin was a little agitated by the heavy oils and my back was problematic for a few days afterward. 

This is a nice fun scent and any massages that happen with it will likely become playful.  Check it out:

R&B Hair Treatment

This hair treatment/leave-in is great for hair but not so great in the easy-to-use area.  You are supposed to take a tiny but in your hands and rub it through damp or dry hair for a moisture drench and more manageable strands.  The scent is extremely tropical.  I would liken it to Tropicana suntan oil.  It takes a couple days to warm up to because it's a little sickening and heavy but eventually you will grow to love it.

It will work wonders for your hair while on it.  However, I noticed that as soon as it is washed off and your hair is without it, your hair is back to its old self again.  I wish this were more repairing.  If you have the funds, this would be nice for a daily use product to keep your hair soft and smelling like a summer vacation.

I wish this was a liquid formula in a spray container.  I just hate getting sticky sloppy things on my hands after a nice, cleansing shower.  I found that I was having to convince myself to use it.  I just didn't want to touch it!

Check it out on Lush's website:

Saturday, April 2, 2011

American Cream Conditioner

Meet the world's best smelling conditioner.  Someone get LUSH a bright neon sign to put in their window!  The scent of this conditioner is pure HEAVEN.  It's vanilla and strawberry scent has you smelling like an ice cream shop.  Truly American!  My hair smelled sweet all the way until I washed it again.  That is hard to find because usually the scent of a conditioner wears off quickly or after drying. 

The moisurizing power of this product is phenominal.  It's supposed to be double-strength conditioning and it truly is.  It left my hair soft and manangeable.  It didn't repair but did make my hair feel repared.  It might be worth the $28.95 USD to get a bottle.  Might just go on my Christmas list!

Head over to Lush's site and order some up! 

Friday, April 1, 2011

Rehab Shampoo

My favorite thing about this shampoo is the clean feeling my hair has after I use it.  The scent is hard to place but very fresh and not too heavy.  It is supposed to be a shampoo for dry or "abused" hair.  I didn't notice much of a difference after 7 washes, but long-term I'd believe that it would work.  The lather isn't as thick with other shampoos but didn't leave me feeling like I hadn't washed my hair.  It rinses out nicely and kept my oily scalp from rearing it's ugly head (really?) for 2 days! 

Overall, it was a nice shampoo but not something I couldn't live without.  Cynthia Sylvia Stout was more of a result I'd like to see.  I wish I could take Cynthia shampoo and replace it's smell with this!  That would be something I would purchase regularly!

Check it out on Lush's website: