Monday, June 13, 2011

Tiny Hands Hand Lotion

I'm surprised at how much I like this product.  I'm sorry, but wrapping my mind around a solid hand lotion is just as hard as wrapping my mind around solid perfume.  I have a hard time believing that it is working as well.  However, this proved me wrong.  A tiny rub in your hands and a deep massage into your hands, leaves them nicely moisturized.  Thank you to the Aragan oil in this bar.  It isn't too oily if you treat it carefully.  Too much will leave you a little heavy.  The scent is very zesty for a vanilla scent and grows on you!  I have times where I crave the scent. 

It is a little finicky in the usage department.  It's not possible to tote this around in your purse as easily as a tube of Jerkins.  It is nice to use before bed though.  Keep it in your nightstand and apply nightly for hands softer than your mommas! 

Check it out!

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