Friday, April 29, 2011

Fever Massage Bar

This massage bar was neither here nor there for me.  My fiance and I didn't enjoy it that much.  It has rose, jasmine and sandlewood in it.  Well, I am positive that the reason it wasn't a hit with me is the sandlewood.  I am learning more and more that the "hippy" scents aren't my thing.  The bar itself is aestetically pleasing and promises a good time.  The oils are nice and comparable to my all-time FAVE massage bar, Hottie.  It is an easy bar to use on others and is nice to have used on you.  It didn't break out my skin and didn't overly oil my shirt or sheets.  If you enjoy the scent, I would highly recommend trying to get your hands on one.  Right now, they are on the Fond Farewells section and sold out on LUSH's website.  If your local store has one, swipe it up! 

Check it out on Lush's website:

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