Saturday, April 16, 2011

Happy Easter Gift Set

For any LUSH or bath and beauty lover, this is the ULTIMATE in Easter gift giving.  It has everything you need to have Easter in your bath.  The Candy Fluff Egg half bath bomb is the epitome of the candy in the basket.  It smells like a candy store and as sweet as a towering clump of pink cotton candy.  Candy Fluff pairs up with Avobath, the grass in the basket.  It is a lemongrass bomb that will wake you up after you crash from eating too much sugar.  It spreads glitter into your tub.  Be honest.....Easter is nothing without glitter!  Then, inside is a baby Easter chick.  The Hippy Chick bath bomb.  A grapefruit scented haven for your body.  This egg births a seriously scentalicious baby chick.  Not to mention you have a BEAUTIFUL knot wrap at the end.  An ORANGE wrap by the way (the best).

One of these, in an Easter basket surrounded by a Donkey Oaty bath bomb and Bunny Knot wrap (maybe some Reeses Eggs.....those are king) = the best Easter basket EVER.

Check it out!

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