Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sugar Babe Sugar Scrub

This scrub reminds me of Shirley Temples on a hot summer night.  Although, its notes are ylang flower and mimosa blossom.  Not the lime and cherry concoction I thought it should be.  It is a very calming scrub with the coconut oil and beeswax.  I very different vibe than its in-your-face energizing cousin Sugar Scrub sugar scrub. I followed the online instructions this time and avoided being wounded by the rough texture.  For the most part, the scrub remained intact the next day too!  I loved how frothy and gentle the scrub was and how it scented my skin an oh so sweet scent for hours afterward.  Bonus - the middle of the bomb is a pretty pinkish red and is soft and sweet.  Check it out:

This scrub is the cherry lemonade to the Strawberry Picnic gift set and will keep you refreshed and smelling yummy.  Head over to the LUSH website and check it out:

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