Sunday, April 17, 2011

Summer Pudding Soap

This soap came in my Strawberry Picnic gift set.  It is a true slice of summery goodness.  It smells a little like bubblegum outside of the shower and nutty bubblegum inside.  It lathered nicely and the almonds in the bar exfoliated without ripping my skin to shreds.  It made my skin very soft and scented sweet like cherries.  It has lasted a long time.  My gift set sized bar is still kickin and has a lot left to give. When I snapped the photo above, I missed out on showing you all the pink cherry scented chunk (the big bars have acutal cherries....this one didn't):

This is the bar after one shower.  Notice the rough almondy texture.  This came out after one shower.

The thing I love about this bar in the store is how hearty and pretty it is.  It has true showmanship and that is what I love in the LUSH soaps.

Check it out on the LUSH website!
Summer Pudding

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