Monday, April 25, 2011

Greetings From........ Gift Set

This flowery, earthy gift set is a ton of fun!  The paper and string remind me of hippies and art studios on a fall day.  It is also a steal for a cheap gift that everyone will love.  If you are down to it, and haven't gotten a gift for any event, this would be the perfect touch.  Also, buy one and keep it around for emergencies.......or if you can't contain yourself, treat yourself to a gift "just because".  It is only $19.95 USD and you get three unique and fun products.  You get a hunk of Honey I Washed the Kids soap, Sugar Scrub sugar scrub and a Vanilla Fountain bath bomb.

The gift set might have been packaged in too small of a box, because my Vanilla Fountain bath bomb was damaged.  Luckily, it wasn't beyond repair.  The best product in this set is BY FAR, the Honey I Washed the Kids soap.  It is one of my favorite products and makes this gift set what it is.  The only thing that disappointed me about that was the actual aesthetic of the hunk of soap.  In the store and online, it has a beautiful honeycomb top and my chunk had no sign of honeycomb.  I felt that having that little touch on a sample hunk of this soap in a gift set would certainly entice the receiver to head into a LUSH store and shop around more.  Assuming they hadn't heard of LUSH before (WHAT?!?!?!).  The tag on the gift set also shows the honeycomb top, so the receiver might be confused and think that they got the wrong thing or the unlucky dud set (I guess that's me? LOL).

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