Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mrs Whippy Bath Bomb

Well, I have to say, the only thing that I didn't like about this bomb was the scent.  I wish that it had Think Pink's scent in place of the buchu oil scent.  My fiance hated the scent so much that he asked me to shower it off.  We can't be having that!  It is supposed to be a strawberry ice cream scent.  It has an ice cream vibe, but the strawberry part might be too buchu and not enough strawberry.  I wish it were more of a strawberry milk powder milk scent.  Something like childhood and summer nights. 

Outside of the scent, it is a beautiful bomb.  It looks just like a cupcake topped with hot pink sprinkles.  It is like dessert and perfect for a nighttime bath.  It will put you in a playful, Marie Antoinette mood.  It made my water a milky pink color which stayed milky through the entire bath, instead of clearing up like most milky bombs.  My skin was impossibly soft and calmed.  This is a result of the Soya Milk powder  I pray that LUSH will release a Think Pink bomb in a "whippy" edition.  That would make my life!

Check it out on LUSH's site:
Mrs Whippy

Also, stay tuned for the Haul 2 review video and the new Haul 3 video and reviews coming VERY SOON!


  1. I feel exactly the opposite! Ha ha. This is my favorite bath bomb from lush and I'm not a fan of the Think Pink. I guess it's just different strokes for different folks. I do love your insights, though.

  2. I just found your blog and absolutely love the idea behind it! I am a huge LUSH bath bomb fan and actually quite like this one myself. But the scent is very strong, as is with most of their bath bombs. Great job lady!