Monday, May 9, 2011

Limited Edition Perfume Kit

Well, this was a HUGE disappointment and a HUGE pain for me.  It seemed like a great idea....get a sample of most of the Gorilla perfumes for only $20 USD!!!! 

Well....the first sample I decided to try was Vanillary.  I thought it was a nice wedding scent.  I was headed out to a wedding on a beautiful day.  Vanilla sounded good.

Well, it was too strong.  It was like a pound of vanilla following me around all day/night.  I didn't like it :(  It took a day or two to wear off. 

After some time away from the perfume, I decided to give another scent a try.  I read the names of the perfumes I had left to Brian (my fiance), and he picked my death.


We had the day off from work and I wanted to smell nice for our lunchtime date at Olive Garden. I put a couple dabs of this on my wrists.  Instantly I was revolted by the disgusting smell of HELL.  My wrists were huge red bumps!  I tried scrubbing my wrists until they were raw and dabbed the area with alcohol.  Every Cosmopolitan magazine article on how to take off perfume smells melted into my head.  I tried EVERYTHING.  The f***er wouldn't wear off!  I decided to try and ignore it.  As the day wore on and the baked ziti fell into my belly, I was getting more and more ill.  As we walked up the pathway to our apartment, I felt it coming......VOMIT.  I ran inside and puked my guts out.  Yes, I then spent the next 10 hours of my day off in bed, vomiting on and off.

What did I do to deserve this, KARMA? UGH!!! make matters worse, Karma broke inside of my perfume kit and leaked all over everything.  Brian had to double bag it and it was promptly returned. 

As you can guess, I won't be reviewing any of the rest of LUSH perfumes.  Even writing this, I am getting sick thinking about it.  If there are any perfumes that are given to me, I will review them but I won't be spending any of my own money on these.

If you like Karma, this set is for you.....if not, STAY AWAY.

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