Monday, May 23, 2011


Hello my loyal followers!  As many of you know from both here, and my YT channel, I was planning on doing a giveaway when I reached 20 followers here and 20 subscribers on YT.  Well, I've decided to change the rules a little bit.  Please view the video below, and follow the steps to enter the giveaway!  The lucky winner will be receiving a Hottie massage bar and Think Pink bath bomb!  Here are my reviews of these products:

Hottie massage bar review
Think Pink bath bomb review

Here are the formal rules:
1-You must be following my YT channel AND this blog. 
2-You must message me both here AND on YT with your name, email, screen names on both YT and blogspot and mailing address/info BY MAY 25TH 6AM PACIFIC STANDARD TIME USA.
3-Please tell me your favorite LUSH product and why
4-Please tell me your least favorite LUSH product and why
5-You must be at least 18 years of age or have the consent of your parent/legal guardian to participate.

Here is how I will pick the winner:
On June 1, 2011, I will have a drawing of ONE name, which I will do in a video to determine and announce the winner.  You will have one week to message me either here or on YT to claim your prize.  I will mail out your prize shortly after.  I will be sending it with a signature receipt and you WILL NEED to ensure proper pickup of this package.  It will be meltable! 

Good luck and happy LUSH-ing! 



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  2. Is this where I should be leaving my details?

    Name: Robyn McLean
    YT Name: Mcbobyn
    Blogspot Name: Mcbobyn
    Address: 175 River Road, Hamilton East, Hamilton 3216, New Zealand.

    My favourite LUSH product is the Vanillary solid perfume. I absolutely love the scent and I find it handy having the solid tube. It's also reasonably priced so I can have a tube in my handbag as well as another in my room.

    My least favourite product would have to be the Aromaco deodorant. I haven't tried the other deodorants because this one put me off. I found that it didn't work at all, and I ended up smelling yuk.

  3. Juliette Cartwright
    barrymandmissporty on both blogspot and youtube
    address: i am not comfortable about putting my address all over the internet please read your youtube message i sent you
    fave: sex bomb bath bomb i seriously love the smell and the pink water xD i also love the little paper flower in it
    least: i cannot say i have a least favourite i havent tried all that many products and everything i have tried i have loved if i had to pick one i would say retread because i smelled it in store and it stinks i havent used this and maybe it is good!