Sunday, May 8, 2011

Token to the Forest Gods Toner Tab

This toner tab is super zesty.  It is a "green citrus" as opposed to the "orange citrus" smells.  I usually classify my citrus scents into one of those two categories.  Orange is more of a wake up scent that is bright and sunny.  Green is more relaxed and low maintenance in the energy department. 

This toner tab is nice on the skin.  As with the other tab, I didn't notice a huge difference after the vapor sauna.  However, after a couple of days spraying the leftover water on my skin, it woke up my pores and left me brighter. 

On the site, it says that this tab is incredibly awakening, but for me it put me to bed nicely.  I was sound asleep and refreshed at the same time.

Head over to LUSH's site and check it out!

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