Monday, May 23, 2011

Blackberry Bath Bomb

I never knew what blackberries smelled like.  If this is what they smell like, sign me up!  This bomb is beautiful.  It turns the bath water an absolutely unparalleled beauty-purple that is pigmented but still clear enough to see right through.  It fizzes out quickly but doesn't disappoint.  Deep inside, a small paper with "Boom Boom" on it hides, waiting to surprise you in the bottom of your tub. 

The scent is from a mix of bergamont, frankincense and berries.  Bergamont oils are supposed to lift you up and stop you from feeling blue or blah.  It worked for me.  I feel as cheerful as a baby! 

The only downside to this bomb is it left a purple film in my tub.  It was easy to clean, but I believe that is because I cleaned it right away.  Also, it's a tad pricey for a one time use at $6.25 USD.  My recommendation would be to split it in half if you don't mind damaging your "boom boom" paper. 

Enjoy one!  Check it out on LUSH's site:

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