Sunday, April 24, 2011

Vanilla Fountain Bath Bomb

Wha wha whaaaaaaaaaaaa.  I'm sad :(  I was disappointed by Vanilla Fountain.  As with all of the other products I am beyond excited about, it seems to fall very short of what I expected.  I've decided, it might be best to refrain from placing expectations on poor, innocent bath bombs.  So....I will do my best to review in a way that explains why I was less than pleased.

To start, this bomb is a simple, beautiful creation.  On LUSH's website, the description says it is inspired by fancy desserts.  That is very accurate!  It is adorned with a simple statement piece.....a tonka/vanilla sprig.  LOVELY.  The scent isn't pure vanilla, it's vanilla and tonka.  A sweet mixture of pure simplicity with complex candy-like sugar.  It promises to be moisturizing and a scent explosion.  It has to be the whole package.

Well, I received mine in the Greetings From......... gift set.  It goes well with the vibe of the set.  However, mine was damaged :(  The sprig was loose and the top and side were cracked.  Whaa!!!!  Oh well, I'll shove the sprig back in, and call it a bath.  When I dropped it in the water, it fizzed out very quickly and the sprig looked pathetic hitting the bottom like an anchor then lying dead in the water.  I fished it out and frowned, but got in to enjoy my bath.  I wasn't taken by the aroma, it was nice, but too subtle.  I think I could smell my Fresh Farmacy facial cleanser next to the sink more.  The water was a weird, lime color.  I was perplexed.  Shouldn't it be a milky, yellow color?  Shouldn't it be softening my skin or filling my sinuses with vanilla goodness? My skin wasn't any more soft or scented than before.  Maybe I got a dud?

I think the problems here were my high expectations and imaginations of this bomb.  I'm not going to blame it.  I plan on purchasing a non-gift version and giving it another shot. 

Did any of you have a different experience with Vanilla Fountain?  Please comment and let me know. 

Check it out on LUSH's site:

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