Thursday, March 24, 2011

Honey I Washed The Kids Soap

The scent of this soap is intoxicating.  It smells sweet and simple, like honey.  With larger pieces, it has an adorable honeycomb top on it.  In the shower it lathers up a little less than normal soap.  I can only believe that this is because it has more natural ingredients (not all natural).  A little tip - try rubbing it between your hands then all over your skin to lather, instead of rubbing the bar on your skin.  I makes your skin feel very clean and undescribably soft.  I've never had softer skin.  This little sample chunk has lasted me 6 showers and I still have way more than half left!

Here is my negative, not of the soap but of it's presentation in the gift set I bought.  I got my piece of Honey I Washed the Kids in the Greetings From... wrapped gift set.  I had seen this soap on other hauls by TiffanyD and Elle Fowler and it was always so aesthetically pleasing!  It has this super cute honeycomb top on it.  However, the peice I got in my giftset was the plain, bottom part of this soap.  My only concern on this is for the folks who haven't seen this soap in all of it's glory, the effect will be lost.  For someone who isn't familiar with Lush soaps and this one in particular, they might not be inspired to buy it again.   Sure, the scent is appealing and it makes your skin soft but, other soaps do that as well.  It's the aethetic aspect of it that takes it over the top and will make the gift receiever want to come into the store to purchase more.  In my opinion, it would be best to include some honeycomb on the soap.  Now, I don't work for Lush so I have no clue the effort that goes into these boxes.  I just think it makes some sense.

Check out the Honey I Washed the Kids soap on Lush's website:
Honey I Washed the Kids

Here is the Greetings From... gift set I got:
Greetings From...

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