Saturday, March 12, 2011

Think Pink Bath Bomb

The very first Lush product I tried was the Think Pink bath bomb.  What draws me into this bath bomb is its flirty pink color and adorable sugary flowers on the top.  I liked that it was the smaller size because this simple bath bomb is supposed to be petite but pack a punch.  I read that it was once a larger bath bomb, but I love this in a small version and couldn't imagine it any other way. I made sure to pick one with all orange flowers (orange is my absolute favorite color).  Although, you have your own pick, as they are all different color combinations.  It smells super sweet and girly while letting you know that it's here to make an impact.  It is absolute bliss sitting inside its yellow Lush bag.

When I dropped it into my bath water it exploded in a fizzy excitement while shooting hot pink color into my water.  The sugary flowers on top dropped to the bottom of the tub and dissolved when I touched them (bye, bye my friends).  It fizzed at a nice pace and at the end left my water with adorable heart confetti.  The confetti wasn't overwhelming and didn't harm my plumbing at all. 

The air in my bathroom smelled sweet and it flooded into my apartment.  Even my fiance commented on how nice it made the apartment smell and that it didn't overpower him.  When I got out my skin smelled sweet and fun.  Heck, I even felt sweet and fun! 

This bath bomb has 100% made it onto my list of must-have pamper items.

On their website Lush says that it has scents of both tonka and vanilla.  I could definately place vanilla in this bath bomb.  It is a very subtle no-muss, no-fuss girly scent.  Head over and check it out!  At only $3.95 USD this bath bomb is a steal and a very affordable slice of flirty pink goodness.

Here is the link to the Think Pink Bath Bomb:

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