Saturday, April 2, 2011

American Cream Conditioner

Meet the world's best smelling conditioner.  Someone get LUSH a bright neon sign to put in their window!  The scent of this conditioner is pure HEAVEN.  It's vanilla and strawberry scent has you smelling like an ice cream shop.  Truly American!  My hair smelled sweet all the way until I washed it again.  That is hard to find because usually the scent of a conditioner wears off quickly or after drying. 

The moisurizing power of this product is phenominal.  It's supposed to be double-strength conditioning and it truly is.  It left my hair soft and manangeable.  It didn't repair but did make my hair feel repared.  It might be worth the $28.95 USD to get a bottle.  Might just go on my Christmas list!

Head over to Lush's site and order some up! 

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