Saturday, April 9, 2011

Pinata Party at LUSH Scottsdale Fashion Square 4/9/2011

Well....this party was a BLAST!  The store was packed with customers and all of my fave lush team.  We arrived early so I did my shopping and hung around talking about what we thought it would be like!  When it was finally time, everyone in the store gathered around the pinata.  They gave the stick to a few different kids.  One of the employees got hit!  It was okay though, the little girl wasn't too hefty.  There was a little boy though with a WICKED swing who almost took the store down.  When the pinata finally burst open, samples of soap, bath bombs and lip balm hit the ground.  The kids rushed it all and I didn't get something.  They provided everyone with samples though.  It was good times!  At the end of it all, I was given the pinata!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The most smiley, sweet and amazing girl gave it to me and I died of happiness.  Words can't describe how much fun I had embarrasing my finace by carrying the pinata out through Scottsdale Fashion Square!  Here are the pics and videos.  Also, a video review of the party. 

Samples from the party (I have no idea what kind of soaps they are, so if you do, please comment!):

Oaty and me:

Oaty pre and post surgery:


Here is my video review of the party!


  1. hi, the yellow soap looks like lemslip to me and the second bar looks like you snap the whip body butter. the donkey oatey pinata looks so cute!

  2. its lily savon soap and gratious violets :)

  3. Thank you gold! He is my new boyfriend haha! And Jelly-thank you so much!!! The light has been shed on my mystery haha