Sunday, April 3, 2011

R&B Hair Treatment

This hair treatment/leave-in is great for hair but not so great in the easy-to-use area.  You are supposed to take a tiny but in your hands and rub it through damp or dry hair for a moisture drench and more manageable strands.  The scent is extremely tropical.  I would liken it to Tropicana suntan oil.  It takes a couple days to warm up to because it's a little sickening and heavy but eventually you will grow to love it.

It will work wonders for your hair while on it.  However, I noticed that as soon as it is washed off and your hair is without it, your hair is back to its old self again.  I wish this were more repairing.  If you have the funds, this would be nice for a daily use product to keep your hair soft and smelling like a summer vacation.

I wish this was a liquid formula in a spray container.  I just hate getting sticky sloppy things on my hands after a nice, cleansing shower.  I found that I was having to convince myself to use it.  I just didn't want to touch it!

Check it out on Lush's website:

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