Monday, April 11, 2011

Candy Fluff Bath Bomb

This is one of the GIANT halves of egg that cradle a Hippy Chick Bath Bomb in the Happy Easter gift set.  It is the size of my hand.  A GREAT deal!  This bomb is phenominal.  The scent is hands-down the best part.  It is sweet and girly.  It smells just like cotton candy.  It's hot pink hue is flirty and just what it needs for the lovely scent it holds.  I smashed the egg down onto my counter and it broke off about a third of the egg in pieces (exactly what I wanted to happen!). 

You can really see the size of the bomb in the photo above.  Again, this is 1/3 of the egg in chunks in my hand.  There is so much bath here!  The pieces fizzed out quickly and left the air candy sweet and the water hot pink.  It made me get into a playful mood and left me wondering....why doesn't LUSH have this bomb year-round?  It didn't make my skin particularly soft when I dried off and the scent was lighter than I wished.  However, I still smelled lightly sweet for a couple hours afterward. 

I HIGHLY reccommend this as an Easter gift and an all around great product for yourself.  If the rest of the giftset delivers as much of a punch as this bomb did, the set will be my obsession. 

Check it out, by itself, on LUSH's website:

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