Friday, April 15, 2011

Ultrabalm Body Balm

This product is the Vaseline of LUSH.  Without the nasty petroleum, its natural.  The ultimate oily goo that will fix just about anything.  The duct tape of the LUSH world.  Okay......I'm done with the comparisons.  It has jojoba oil, candelilla wax and rose wax.  A vegan balm for sure. 

I smeared this greasy goopy mystery slop into the corners of my nose where it is ALWAYS dry. more dryness.  I smeared it onto my rub marked feet (thank you, new sandals). POOF....rub marks subdued.  It was there to rescue my cuticles and evened out my fiances sun burnt forehead.  It makes no sense but needs to be asked no questions.  Also, it will last forever.  About 20 uses made no dent in this tiny trial size.  When I finally do need a full size, they will be like "What?? We never had a $2.00 off trial size campaign". 

Check out the full size on LUSH's site:

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