Thursday, April 14, 2011

Keep it Fluffy (Purple) Bath Bomb

We have another must-have!!!  This bomb is right up there with Think Pink bath bomb and Hottie massage bar in my heart.  I LOVE THIS BOMB! 

It is just as satisfying as its orange sibling, but in a very different way.  Much like the orange, it is VERY scentalicious.  The scent of lavender and vanilla floated in my apartment and stayed on my skin for around 6 hours after my bath.  When I dropped it into the water, it turned into a huge frothy ball almost immediately.  I was taken aback at how weird it looked but blown away by it at the same time.  It fizzed out very slowly and left the water a milky/light purple color.  While it was fizzing, I enjoyed watching the little blue flecks turn into bright fuchsia streaks which caused that beautiful purple hue.  I approve!  My skin felt like velvet for hours afterward and even had my fiance pleased.  I would highly recommend this for a nighttime bath with a side of Billie Holiday Pandora.

Head over to the LUSH website and order a few up!

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