Friday, April 15, 2011

Avobath Bath Bomb

This is an egg half in my Happy Easter gift set.  It holds a Hippy Chick bath bomb along with a Candy Fluff egg half and sits waiting patiently for me to use it.  I chose to use this last the the set because it is a bomb that is part of LUSH's normal lineup.  It is perfect for this set.  It is the grass in the Easter basket. 

It smells fresh and grassy.  Hence, the lemongrass ingredients!  It was more dense then Candy Fluff (harder to break) but fizzed out quickly.  The scent was very strong while it fizzed but left quickly.  It didn't stick around on my skin, to my disappointment.  However, toward the end of my bath I noticed.....IT'S SPARKLY!!!  The water had a bijillion (yes, that's a word) sparkles in it that didn't cling to my skin but made that water fun.  My skin felt softer than usual, although not as soft as Candy Fluff.  I would definitely buy this bomb outside of Easter products.

Check out the normal bomb on LUSH's site:

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