Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dorothy Bubble Bar

Meet my nostalgic playground.  This has earned its spot on my must-have list by sending me back to 4th grade.  It's scent is what did it....I can't describe it at all.  However, it reminds me of this toy I had where you poured a silicone goo into molds and could make your own silicone dolls.  When the dolls came out....they were this bubble bar.  Weird, I know, but I love love LOVE it!  The bar has orange blossom in it (my FAVE) so maybe that, coupled with the ylang made my 4th grade experience.

This was my first bubble bar so, I was a little "blonde" with how to use it best.  I know, water + tub + bubble bar does not = rocket science.  I did discover though, it is best to start the water crumbling process before the water has reached optimal height.

The water turned a pretty light blue and the bubbles were thick but not overwhelming.  Inside of the bath my skin was suuuuuuuper soft and outside of the bath my skin kept the softness.  I did feel a tad sticky after my bath but it wore off quickly. 

I can definately say that I will be buying this again and again!  Head over to Lush's website and check it out!

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