Saturday, March 12, 2011

Waving Not Drowning Bath Bomb

*This photo isn't mine (I forgot to take one - sorry folks!  The photo is from

Waving Not Drowning is a silent stress killer.  It's soft color doesn't stress you out (yeah, just said it).  The scent of this small bomb is dripping with lavender.  When I dropped it into my bath water it fizzed out and left the water a very faint color of light blue/purple.  The de-stressing scent was heavy in the air but not suffocating.  My skin wasn't particularly soft or scented when I got out but it did the job....I was relaxed.  It's worth the $4.95 USD to welt away the deep stress.

Unfortunately, Lush's website shows Waving Not Drowning on its Fond Farewells section.  This section has products slated to dissapear from Lush's product line for the time being.  Today I saw a bunch in my Lush store at Scottsdale Fashion Square.  I'm sure if you hurry up, you can swipe a few up before they are gone (hopefully not forever). 

Here is the link to product info on the Lush website:

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