Thursday, March 24, 2011

Easter Products!

Well, my most FAVORITE holiday is right around the corner....EASTER!  So, as you can imagine, I'm very excited to see what Lush has to offer for Easter products.  I've been doing some searching online at all of the past years Easter offerings and also saw a few upcoming products in the Lush Times. 

Lush Times shows the Easter products for 2011 (I wish it were just a preview....I want more more MORE).  There is Hippy Chick, a "zesty grapefruit" bath bomb, Fluffy egg, a "bath fluff", Donkey Oaty - The Easter Donkey, which is a "donkey shaped pinata to bring the summer sunshine in", Bunny Knot Wrap, which is a wrap for all of your messy bath bombs or even a scarf and Happy Easter, a giftset which includes a few different products (I hope I get this!).  You can check these out in the current edition of Lush Times (48) on page 3.

I'd love to see a bath bomb that smells like peeps or jelly beans and explodes carrot shaped confetti everywhere.  Maybe a bubble bar that makes the tub as fluffy as a bunny!  Maybe a hot cross bun bubble bar?  That's maybe too much.....BUT I LOVE EASTER!

If I can even get my hands on one of these soon I will be so happy.  Which products do you wish Lush would make for Easter?  What are your favorite holidays?

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