Thursday, March 17, 2011

Big Blue Bath Bomb

I needed to get away tonight and the Big Blue bath bomb did the job.  The moment the bath bomb touched the water it was by far the most fizzy of all bath bombs that I have tried.  It fizzed out quickly and with that put tiny shreds of seaweed into the pretty blue-green water.  The scent both inside and outside of the bath was the same.  It's a sort of sweet-and salty mix of sea salt and lavender.  The smell is both comforting and alluring and stayed on my skin long after I got out of the bath.  My skin felt cleansed afterward.  I did experience the great salt rubbing that comes with a trip to the real beach.  Meaning, my thighs (yes, they touch) were a little irritated afterward.

Most of all, I loved how this bath bomb made me feel.  It really was like having my own personal ocean right at home.  I would recommend, if you have a shower curtain around your bath, to draw that closed and shut out the world.  This bomb also goes nicely with a side of the song "Porcelain" by Moby. 

Now to the biggest con I've had thus far with any Lush product: the debris!  I've read that you should put some of the bombs with "special effects" into a nylon before using them, but whats the fun in that?  I want to see it fizz and get the full effect.  This leaves me to clean out the mess in the tub afterward.  I know that I said in my first Haul that I wouldn't mind cleaning the tub.  Well, I LIED :-)  I will, however, keep using the bombs without nylon protection because the effect is worth the clean-up.

Here is the link to the Big Blue info on Lush's website:

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