Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Angels on Bare Skin Cleanser

Simply put....this cleanser is a God-send.  Straight from heaven, after just a week I found my skin brighter, clearer, tighter and with smaller looking pores!  This is without a doubt my new favorite skin care product and I fully intent on making it a staple item in my beauty regimen.

My skin is tricky.  It's oily on my nose but dry around the nostrils.  It's dry on the tip of my chin but oily under my bottom lip.  My forehead is an oil field but cheeks are dry.  Combination to say the least.  This is just this month's skin.  Who knows what next month will hold?  So....for me to find a cleanser that I can use all over my face that doesn't upset the "balance" of my bipolar skin is pure miracle.  Please forgive my constant puns!

This cleanser smells so herbal it's almost like pot in a jar but remixed into something 100% legal.  You take just a pea sized amount and drop a few drops of warm water onto it.  Take your index finger and mush it up into a paste.  Wet your face and rub all over.  Wash off and PRESTO!  Just two days later, you can expect to see a difference.  It won't make your skin feel dry afterward like some of the harsher washes do and the herbal scent doesn't over-stay its welcome.

It has almonds which exfoliate (hello smaller looking pores!) and hold lavender and rose oil to tone (hello even skin).  The lavender is very soothing before bedtime and will leave you addicted to this cleanser.  If you haven't already become addicted to its miracle-working.

Do yourself a favor and head over to Lush's website to check out this miracle cleanser:
Angels on Bare Skin

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