Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb

This is an amazingly fun bath bomb!  It looks exactly how I would imagine a dragon egg to look like.  When dropped in the water it fizzes out milky white and then the core is struck by hot water.....CRAZY!  The water is instantly filled with golden shimmer and tiny flecks of gold glitter.  I just HAD to pull it out of the water and snap a picture.  I've never seen anything like it.  It's almost like watching mercury roll around when you hold it in your hand (except, not harmful to your health LOL).  When you get into the water you are surrounded by shimmer and glitter.  I kept thinking about those sea cucumber, plastic, shimmery, liquid-filled things at the mall.  If you were to swim in one of those, this is what it would be like.  Almost like you are in a glittery womb.  Sick but cool :)

The only negative of this bomb, in my opinion is the scent.  Outside of the water it isn't particularly yummy.  An almost sickening smell of lemon.  I couldn't quite place my finger on the smell.....I had smelled it before.  When I got in the water, it hit me like a ton of bricks.  LEMON PLEDGE.  Now, I have to explain myself.  Growing up, my mom always bought the lemon Pledge.  I begged and begged for the vanilla but she tortured me (I love you, Mom) with the lemon.  Therefore, I could never grow to love that smell.  BUT...if you like super lemon-y scents, this is the aboslute best bet for a great bath bomb experience!

Here is the link to the Dragon's Egg bath bomb on the Lush website:

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