Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fizzbanger Bath Bomb

This bath bomb is a ton of fun.  It is by far, the yummiest smelling bath bomb that I have tried.  I starts off with a citrus scent that morphs its way into apple pie.  The scent is light and fun and fills the bathroom.  My fiance commented that it was a very nice scent.  When put into the water it starts out fizzing yellow.  With this, tiny little crackles invade the tub.  It's like you are drawing a big bath of Rice Krispies.  Check out the video about to hear it in action.  When the core of the bomb is exposed it send a wave of blue foam into the water which turns the water green.  It took a long time to fizz out which was nice.  It allowed for a longer show for my fiance and I.  In the end, the cutest suprise....a small sheet of paper with a "BANG" graphic on it floated out from the core.  Simply adorable!

This bath bomb wasn't particularly moisturizing for me but the scent has me hooked.  I would love to have this bomb made into conditioner, lotion, perfume....the works.  I would say that this is the best Independence Day experience you can get in a bath.  I would recommend it, so check it out on Lush's website:

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