Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Keep it Fluffy (Orange) Bath Bomb

I'm loving how this bomb can be so simple yet satisfy me so much.  The scent is subtle both outside and inside the bath but sticks around.  It stayed on my skin long after and smelled of subtle vanilla.  When dropped in the water, a creamsicle colored foam comes out of the bomb.  It fizzes out slowly and turnes the water a light orange/yellow color.  It had probably been the slowest-fizzing bomb that I've tryed.  There was no "show" with this bomb but that way okay.  The scent and pretty color was enough for me.  It also made my skin super soft and left me feeling young and awake.  I'm liking this bomb for and affordable summer treat that is calorie free and relaxing!

Check out the Keep it Fluffy (Orange) bath bomb on Lush's website:
Keep it Fluffy (Orange)

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