Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sex Bomb Bath Bomb

This bath bomb is beautiful.  The purple and pink ball smells like heaven....which must smell like jasmine.  When dropped in the water it fizzes out quickly and leaves the rose on top floating around the tub.  I smooshed the rose into the skin on my elbows hoping it would soften them.  It felt like it might be moisturizing.  It turned the water a milky pink/purple color and filled the room with the sexy smell of jasmine.  I am addicted to the smell of this bomb.  It made my skin incredibly soft and left it smelling like jasmine well into the night.  I would recommend this bomb for before a date beacause the scent is pure heaven.  Please lord let one of my new Lush perfumes smell exactly like this!

Here is the link to product infomation on Lush's website:

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