Monday, March 21, 2011

Space Girl Bath Bomb

This is a bath bomb that I wouldn't shed a tear to see hit the "Fond Farewells" section of Lush's website.  The bomb itself is cute.  It's a pretty Marie Antoinette grey/blue planet covered in gorgeous copper sparkles.  The scent was a nice and subtle but didn't register the exact scent to my nose.  When I put it in the bath it fizzed out very quickly.  The only part of this bomb that I enjoyed more then "meh" was when it was fizzing it would shoot out magenta colored blasts.  The website says that it is supposed to crackle in the water but mine didn't do a thing!  Also, I expected it to be more sparkly but alas, only the surface sparkles floated in my water.  It dryed out my skin and didn't leave me smelling nice at all.  My bathroom didn't even take on a scent.  I'd have to say that this bomb won't be on my list of must-haves :(  It was......a bomb.

If you are interested in trying this bath bomb and hopefully having a better experience, check out the product information on Lush's website:
Space Girl

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